Sunday , September 26 2021

Son of vigilante killed: "His neighbor defends fear of retaliation" | Chronicle

Personal guard, 68 years old, Ramón de Jesús Quintana, Killed by a bullet in the head when he tried to prevent two motorbikes from attacking a neighbor with his baby on the arm in the town of Martin Coronado, party of Tres de Febrero.

The event took place on Saturday at General Lopez between Remedios de Escalada de San Martin and Leandro N. Alem.

Son of the same name, Ramón, stated that there was no exchange of shots because the weapon did not trigger when he tried to use it. His father heard the cry of a neighbor who was under attack and immediately went to help him.

"He was killed like a dog." He saw that they were struggling and went to help the woman but he did not see that there was a bad boy waiting on a motorcycle, who hit him three times in the head. shot ", he continued.

In this sense, he confirmed that they were from criminal attacks. His father had just entered his working hours at eight o'clock and he was killed fifteen minutes later. Ramón added: "Six years ago he worked in black and he died for $ 300. He's retired and that's not enough, my old man is the best."

"No one takes care of anything, the police have a patent number and nothing else, yesterday I came and his blood was still on the ground, I asked for justice, we were alone, my mother felt bad but they also did not call us from the municipality," he criticized .

In this case, he stated: "His neighbor was attacked and also refused to testify because he was afraid of retaliation by criminals, I asked neighbors to state what they saw because we could not do anything on their own, only the police called us to find out where they got Armo but did not give we are a hand ".

"I will not stop until they find the person who killed my father", he concluded.


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