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South Australia beats strong competition to be home to Australia's new space agency


11 December 2018 23:41:55

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will announce that Adelaide will be the home of Australia's new space agency.

Key points:

  • Australia's space agency will be located on the former site of the Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Southern Australia was selected after the strongest case
  • The prime minister said he would create up to 20,000 jobs by 2030.

South Australia has won with strong competition from other countries to secure its headquarters after having attracted home NASA astronaut Andy Thomas to help with his campaign.

The agency will be located in Lot Fourteen, the former site of Royal Adelaide Hospital, which is becoming an innovative area.

The prime minister said South Australia is an ideal home for the new agency and is now a key center for the space and technology industry.

"The Australian space industry must reach new heights," Morrison said.

"This agency will open doors to local business and Australian access to the global $ 335 billion global space industry.

"The government's $ 41 million government investment in the agency will act as a launching tribune to trill the Australian space economy at $ 12 billion and create 20,000 jobs by 2030."

The Prime Minister said the agency is part of the government's plan to create a stronger economy in South Australia with longer, highly paid and highly skilled jobs.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said the space agency would help improve the viability of the city and take the state defense sectors to the next level.

"South Australia is the perfect venue for the Australian Space Agency with a number of local space industry companies already established here, as well as a rapidly evolving defense sector," he said.

"I look forward to working with the federal government, industry and our education sector to capitalize on this incredible opportunity for our country."

Several startup companies have already headed for Adelaide, including Fleet Space Technologies, which plans to launch 100 satellites.

Nano-satellite company Myriota has also raised almost $ 20 million in funding for its work.

A "boom in jobs" in South Australia is expected

Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said Adelaide was elected because it presented the worst case.

She also said that the state has played a major role in the development of the space sector in the country.

"The Australian space sector actually began its journey right here in South Australia," she told ABC.

"Our first satellite was launched into space by Woomera more than half a century ago, so South Australia has demonstrated a long history in space.

"Having a space agency based in Adelaide, South Australia will certainly have a great opportunity to be a senior fellow."

It expects South Australia to benefit from a "boom in jobs". The state is now home to more than 60 organizations, employing about 800 people in the space sector.

"We intend to develop jobs at national level and in South Australia, there will certainly be every opportunity to create more jobs for our young people [and] people who are potentially transitioning from other industries, "she said.

"Especially with the agency based in South Australia, we are well on target to triple the sector over the next 12 years."

She also hopes the news will encourage young people to work in the sector in the future.

"Nothing inspires people like space," she said.

"We want to encourage young people to study science and mathematics at school, we want to be able to show them … that there are space jobs, and South Australia is now leading the charge."

Aviation engineer Matthew Tetlow, who is in Adelaide, echoed the government's excitement and said the agency would take the Australian space sector to the next level.

"We want a space agency for so many years and we finally got it," he told ABC.

"It's very important to be very close to decision-makers … that's a big difference to the opportunities you get.

"We are a very tightly connected ecosystem, and I think it will just accelerate this and lead us to the next level."

The agency will be located in Lot Fourteen by mid-2019 and will appoint 20 people.


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