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Starting this Monday, Roca will add direct trains – 12/09/2018

From Monday, the Roca rail link, which connects 15 parties from Buenos Aires to the Constitución station, will add frequencies and direct trains, according to the branch. At the same time, the San Martin train added formations.

As confirmed by the Ministry of Transport, in the branches of Roca to Ezeiza, Alejandro Korn and Bosques (via Temperley) there will be direct services from Monday to Friday in peak hours, from 6 to 10.30 and from 16 to 20, with the frequency of one train every 24 minutes, spraying traditional services that stop at all stations.

In the Ezeya Branch, the direct will circulate between the Constitution and Ezeiza – and vice versa – with stops at Turner, Lovalolol, Luis Gillon, Monte Grande and El Jaguel. In the Alejandro Korn branch, they will travel between the two capitals with arrests in Aroge, Bursaco, Longshamps, Gleu and Gernica.

Details of new direct trains.

Details of new direct trains.

The direct service Temperley Forest will depart from – and to – Bosques with stops only in Zeballos, Florencio Varela, Ardigó, Claypole, Rafael Calzada and José Mármol. From there it will circulate quickly to the Constitution. Passengers boarding new direct services will have an average travel time savings of 7 minutes on departure and 7 minutes on return.

The new chart will allow train every 12 minutes in each of the branches, spraying one directly and one stop at all. During non-peak hours, the service will run with all services that stop at all stations on each branch.

Improving the electrical industries.

Improving the electrical industries.

While, trains to La Plata and Bosque (via Quilmes) will reduce their current frequency from 30 to 24 minutesThis will allow users traveling between Constitución and Berazategui to receive a service every 12 minutes.

Improvements in these electric branches of the Roca train benefit more than 600,000 passengers traveling daily on the line, the most extensive and most widely used of the entire metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires.

With a track of 237 kilometers of tracks and 69 stations, he is in contact with the Constitution Chief with 15 parties in Buenos Aires: Avellaneda, Lanus, Lomas from Zamora, La Matanzza, Moron, Esteban Echeveria, Ezeiza, Canulas, Almirante Braun, President Perron, San Vicente , Florencio Varela, Quilmes, Berazateguy and La Plata.

On the other hand, San Martin added this Saturday 45 special services from Monday to SaturdayThey are available between Caseros-José C. Paz, Caseros-Pilar, Villa del Parque-José C. Paz, Villa del Parque-Pilar and Pilar-Dr. Cabred.

In this way, the line now has 206 day services in its line, an increase of 28%.

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