Monday , September 26 2022

Still instability: the current signal to the east of Cordoba


The National Meteorological Department foresees this Thursday in Cordoba a day of wet and damp skies, with rain and fogs broken, light winds in the southern sector, a slight change in temperature and a maximum of 14 °.

Current signal

From early morning in the eastern part of Cordoba, the worry of heavy rainfall remains.

The report says: "The coverage area will continue to be affected this Thursday due to rain, rain and some storms of varying intensity." During this event, some sectors have rains larger than 50 millimeters. this Thursday will have rainfall of the order of 20 to 50 millimeters. "


Friday. Unstable, minimum 14 ° and maximum 22 °.

Saturday. Unstable at probable rainfall, minimum 13 ° and maximum 22 °.

Sunday. Something cloudy, minimum 13 ° and maximum 24 °.

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