Sunday , June 20 2021

Strengthening post-mortem control with Leishmaniasis – Health – Information – Latest news from Uruguay and the world

The death of a 33-year-old woman in Salto, once diagnosed with Leishmaniasis, has reactivated all signals from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

In the portfolio, they informed El País that the campaign, which has been running for months, will be enhanced. This is a disease that is transmitted to animals (like dogs) and to humans by a bite of an insect that feeds blood.

The woman who has several chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes has been admitted to the health center since mid-last month. Health Minister of Health of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) Rachel Rose confirmed to El País that "the woman died after being hospitalized with a serious condition in CTI".

Although the vector insect from Leishmaniasis, known as flebótomo, has been in Salto and Artigas since 2010, there were no human cases until December last year. In 2015, the first episodes of dogs with this disease were discovered in the town of Arenitas Blancas in Salto.

Since then, MSP has reported that the recommendations of the Pan American Health Organization have been followed. Health services are working with the National Emergency and Emergency Services Departments to monitor and control the affected dogs. This involved a victim of about 800 dogs. The public health minister, Jorge Basso, said a few months ago that the portfolio intervened "following internationally recommended protocols," and said there was "no risk" in the case of an affected girl.

Now, the deputy deputy of the National Party, Gaston Cosia, informs that she will again summon the Minister of Health Jorge Basso to the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

The lawmaker who is Deputy Rodrigo Gonzi said that "with great regret we have this terrible news of the first death of this disease." He added that "as we announced and repeat until exhausted, the Ministry of Health's campaign is full of gaps and shortcomings of all kinds." It is time for Jorge Basso to take responsibility, "the legislator said.

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