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Sugar, yerba and rice, the best selling products in the "hot sale"

In the midst of the economic crisis, the best-selling product per unit in this year's Hot Selling is not in the electronics, techno or clothing categories; but in the food category. It's a kilogram sugarAmong the first positions were other key elements like yerba and rice,

A study published by Mercado Libre revealed consumer behavior data in the new online shopping edition, which reflects an increase in demand for warehouse products. These are goods that have adjusted their prices due to inflation.

According to latest Indec data, the position for food and non-alcoholic beverages is one of the highest in accumulation growth of 66.2% in the last 12 months.

The Mercado Libre study revealed that the product best-sellers by units was Suges Ledesma, followed by cell phones, 4K Smart TV technology and one pound pack of Playadito Grass.

Regarding articles best-selling by mass-consumption unitsClassical Sugar Ledesma was found; Diapers diapers; combo with rope with bucket; canned beer and five liters of sunflower oil. The study indicates that the "Food & Beverage" category billing increased by 120% in the sold items as regards the hot sale for the previous year.

In turn, Supermarket Day also circulated data from this year's edition and indicated that beer and rice are among the best-selling products. "We closed the first days over 50% of food and drink orders", highlights the chain and highlights the sales of beer, soft drinks, rice and toilet paper.

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