Saturday , May 8 2021

#SuperFinalLibertadores: For FIFA President this game is the final of the world

The Copa Libertadores superfine between the river and Boca will be a historic event. If the finals have a very high emotional load, what will happen this Saturday in Monumental will reach levels of extreme intensity. Today, there will be a Titanic intersection in the last case of the most important tournament on the continent: the football world will be stopped for over 90 minutes.

Such an attractiveness generates this party that her own Gianni Infantino, head of FIFA, came to Argentina to witness a duel in the river. The Swiss arrived yesterday and the first to do was to meet with Claudio Talia (AFA president), Alejandro Dominguez (from Connelball), Daniel Angelci (from Boca) and Rodolfo d'Onofrio (on the river). Accompanied by second row managers, they combined lunch in the Puerto Madero area.

"This super-final will be incredible, spectacular, we have to make up new words to describe this game, it's no longer a" superclásico ", it's" megasuperclásico. "We think this is absolutely the end of the world," Infantino said in noon in dialogue with TNT Sports.

Infantino will go to Monumental this Saturday.
Infantino will go to Monumental this Saturday.

Infantino will attend the Monumental Stadium, accompanied by the Presidents of all Confederal Federations, one from the MLS, one from the Mexican Federation and one from Conakaf.

The president will take part in the awarding of the title team and will return to Switzerland but will return to Argentina next Friday to participate in a G20 summit with the world's top leaders.

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