Friday , June 18 2021

Surprising prediction by Olivier's friend Olivier Franco: "For me, in a month or two, Diego and Rossio are coming back"

The model told about the separation and was spicy with Diez's unification with Diego Fernando's mother.

Barbie Franco's prediction in LAM about the separation of Diego Maradona and Rossio Oliva

Separated from Diego Maradona (58) Rossio Oliva (28) returns to Argentina and reunites with his relatives. Among them some famous friends, like Barbie Franco (28), a model with whom he shares a relaxing break in Punta del Este, a pure conversation and football.

Invited for Los Angeles de la Mannana, her girlfriend Fernando Burland He told him how he had seen Oliva emotionally and made a personal hypothesis about the rumors about the reconciliation of Maradona with Verónica Ojeda, with whom the ten returned to their son, Diego Fernando (6).

"For me, from here to a month or two months (Rocio and Diego) I come back, I see her in a duel, she's sad," said Barbie.

"Do not you think he lives with Ohheda?" he asked. Yanina Lator, after organizing Veronica in Mexico with her child in Diego's house. And Franco said, "No, he knows this is a false link … Diego is dead by Rocio, they have been together for 5 years, it's a very intense relationship."

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