Saturday , May 8 2021

Susanna Gimenez, for Christina Kirchner: "She can not be a president or a rugby club"

At the exit of the popular gala, which honors the heroes of the year,

Susanna Gimenes

gave a mobile phone to the magazine of America
Pamela afternoon, and he talks about how he sees the leadership of the current president,
Mauriceio Macri.

"It was not a good year for Argentina, I think all this should happen and we need to tighten the belt, pay more taxes, whatever, but we have to leave," he said. As for the subject, when Susan was asked if he was still betting on this government, the wild is short but strong: "And … we have no other, if any, yes," he said between the sighs.

The host expressed views on the possible 207-year nomination for exmandataria:
The leader expressed his opinion on the eventual 2019 candidature of "exmandataria": "I think nonsense" Source: Archive

However, the most critical moment of the interview was when the program chronicler commanded
Pamela asked David
on the possible candidacy of Christina Kirchner for the 2019 elections. "I think this is nonsense, a person who has 17 criminal cases, can not be a president or a rugby club," shot the driver
for the exandant.

Recall that when August 2017 asked questions that Susanna wanted to interview Christina in her program, diva on the phones was just as stubborn: "I will never get the CFK's former president, it will be like giving up the principles and your ideas "
explained Giménez from his Twitter account.

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