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Susannah Rokasalvo spoke about the beginning of her battle with Jorge Rial and said, "I'm forbidden in America"

The driver of merciless He gave details of his prolonged enmity with his colleague and revealed serious differences.

Susanna Roccasallo unveiled the beginning of her struggle with Rial
Susanna Roccasallo unveiled the beginning of her struggle with Rial

The Roads of Susanna Rokasalvor (63) and Jorge Rial (57) have gone through choosing the same profession. Even they both worked together The periscope, a program in which he was also a conductor and chronicler. The differences, however, alienated and distanced them to this day.

Happy with a gift in front of merciless, for elnueveSusanna made a detailed note The nation, in which he remembered the beginning of his historic struggle with the driver of the violators and reveals why he did not return to work in America since 1994.

"I've had a couple of aggressions on the topic of gender violence if everything I said was heard … It's all recorded, but I let go … But if I'm not in America it's because of it."

"I'm forbidden by Jorge Rial for twenty years." He always filled his mouth, saying I forbid him, and that's not true because he always worked in America. When Carlos Monty and I are informed that Rial will come in to work Diego Gwartz I clarified in my channel what he said to me. He was talking about me on the radio, even saying he was dirty. So I asked the Channel authorities whether they would do this on TV, on the same screen as I was. They told me not that I had to keep calm. What is forbidden – and all the owners who owned the channel, told me – I am. "We do not want problems with Rial, we do not want Jorge to get angry, that's what they are telling me," Rocasalvo said in detail.

Depressing in the conflict, the journalist asked him, "Why does he speak badly about you from the cycle of his radio?" The driver takes the opportunity to contextualize his response to the growth of feminism and the struggle against massacre in the current Argentine society: "As I was out of the television, I was bigger, quieter, but I had a few aggressions. of the violence of the sex, if you have heard all that he has said about me … Everything is recorded … I let him go in. It's great, I'm not yet, the water is running, but if I'm not in America, that's why.

Beyond the personal problems that pushed them back in January 2016 when he died Carlos HlaváčekRalasal's husband, Rialus has canceled his differences and sent a warm message from Intruders.

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