Friday , May 7 2021

Symptoms of andropause

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If a certain social taboo persists for menopause, which prevents us from accepting it with complete naturalness, as a series of expected and evolutionary changes … with andropause – an analogous process in a male version – stigma and denial are even more pronounced. (Probably this is because, unlike us, sperm production is not interrupted, so fertility continues).

Andropause begins to develop at a variable age – approximately 45 years of age – when the testicles begin to produce a lower level of testosterone. Like menopause, it is part of the normal aging process.

These hormonal changes lead to a reduction in some physiological functions that lead to the appearance of some symptoms. Mainly physically and psychologically correlated: less muscle mass, weight gain, hair loss, hot flushes similar to those of menopausal women, urinary problems, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, mood swings. , not all men will experience the full list. And more than one will hardly be affected.

But sometimes you will need to consult a specialist andrologist to assess the possibility of hormone replacement therapy (taking into account the severity of the symptoms, testosterone levels, the risks that this implies depending on the clinical condition of the patient and the .n).

Perhaps the biggest male concern about lower hormonal production focuses on its possible effects on sexual function: reduced desire – remember that testosterone is considered a "hormone of desire" – erectile difficulties, longer refractory periods are: the physiological time required to respond to new sexual stimulation after ejaculation), reduction or absence of morning erections, lower ejaculation volume, less intense orgasms. Again: These effects do not happen together or in all men. (And the little blue pill, as it is known, changed the landscape in terms of erectile problems).

On the other hand, the influence of general health, habits, previous sexual patterns, and even attitudes to life are not insignificant. In this sense, we all know men and women who tend to identify too quickly with "pain and pain" (of any kind, not just sexual). As though it is hard to believe, they will find some comfort zone by becoming "old", or at least understanding in the environment, in comfort.

Fortunately, there are many other people who, on the other hand, cultivate a spirit capable of deactivating and accepting with humor the inevitable problems that come with age. Something that no doubt keeps them somehow always young, regardless of their age.

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