Monday , January 25 2021

Ten are already dead by the fire at Esteban Hebeiria's police station

Another man detained in Buenos Aires, the President of Esteban Hebeiria, who suffered a fire on October 25 following a fire, died on Wednesday.

Sacrifice number ten is Fernando Arguello (33), who was hospitalized at the Evita de Lanús hospital and whose condition worsened on Tuesday as a result of the injuries he suffered.

Arguello was in jail, charged with crimes "illegal possession of drugs for commercialization in a real competition with weapons of war, disturbance of residence, assault and resistance against power", in a case that took place in Esteban Echeverría's UFI 4.

After the fact and due to his health, Arguello had been granted freedom.

After the fire they are already dead Carlos Ariel Cerva (25), infected in the hospital of Ezeiza; Juan Carlos Fernandez (31), in Narciso López de Lanús and Walter Gabriel "Choko" Barrio (21), in Gandulfo de Lomas de Zamora.

They also died Miguel Angel Sanchez (31), a prisoner in the section because he broke a house arrest he had executed in the event of a robbery; Elias Soto (20), persecuted for "a robbery qualified for the use of weapons and the possession of a weapon of war" and Jeremiah Rodriguez Aaron, also known as "Jere", detained as a cause for degrading robbery.

The other victims are Eduardo Rogelio Ocampo (59), closed for "aggravated murder"; Jorge Luis Ramirez (30), which has cause for "cheating", and Juan Bauttista Lavardo (59)who had a request to capture.

The incident happened at 3:30 am On Thursday, November 15th, the 3rd Police Department. Esteban Echeverría, located in Camino de Cintura 6080, during a total of 27 detained in three cells.

According to police and judiciary sources, the imaginary prisoner number 1, where twelve prisoners remained, two prisoners fence the fence to try to escape.

The policeman warned his superiors, who had asked for help, that ten mobile phones arrived, and an operation to prevent and avoid leakage from the branch.

According to the spokespersons, although the authorities tried to start a dialogue with them, the prisoners, irritated after their discovery, put mattresses and blankets against the front door and the bars of the dungeon, and lit up at 3.50.

Always according to sources, In addition, there was a struggle between those who wanted to start the fire and those who did not., as the flames take on power, and despite the actions of the 9 de Abril volunteers in the building bordering the police, the fire and smoke spread in the dungeons.

Thereafter, five police officers were released from their duties by an order issued by the Interior Minister of the Interior of the provincial security ministry: Deputy Commissioner Joshua Munoz, Inspector Edith Giselle Juarez, Assistant Officer Emilio Adolfo Cana, Sergeant Daniel Calderon, and Officer Eric Alexander Blanco, who works at this unit.

According to the sources, this is an internal administrative solution, while the criminal case that prosecution continues.

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