Tuesday , July 27 2021

Terma Fardin's sister sent a message and said she wanted to continue her life – 22.01.2019

Carla Lescano, sister of Telma Fardin, when he was out, he said he did not believe in the report of alleged violation the actress had done Juan Darth in Nicaragua.

Last Friday on the "Perros de la calle" radio program, Thelma Fardin She agreed to talk about her sister and said she was another victim and that "they were trying to use her to try to de-legitimize".

Then affirmation of Telma, now His sister Carla made a very special request by the message sent to Mario Mario Tibo, the interviewer who interviewed her when questioning the truth of the violation she condemned Fardin,

INIn the morning(The Thirteen) showed this message in which sister of Telma Fardin states: "I preferred to get away from it … It is obvious that here a barbaric bustle (living in Bariloche) and I would like to continue my life in anonymity, which is no longer so much. I hope you forget this soonBecause, as I said at the beginning, I run the risk of my peaceful life and work. So far I have come, "he concludes.

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