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Thalia: her sister Laura Zapata surprises with sharp comments about the singer's father

Former Major Maria Heroes have a tense relationship. In a recent interview, Zapata made strong statements

Sapa recently had a bad time at a Mexican TV show. Video: IG Somalator

It is known that Mexican actress Laura Zapata and her sister have been distracted by her mother, singer Talia Sodi, but the main character of a large number of soap operas surprised her with sharp comments about the father of her half sister.

Zapata's statements were made in the programtoday"where she said that Thalia's father" would put him in hell "and complains about what he calls" fat phobias "that would make her live away from her mother and sisters born out of this relationship.

For "Ernesto Sodi," Laura Zapata said, "I'll put him in hell." He never let me be with my mother when he told my mother, "I do not want a girl," a three-year-old girl, what can she do to you?

"He has not loved me ever since I was a kid, he was a man with very thick phobias who cut the telephone wires and did not want the noise," he remembers.

She said that before she was taken to live with her grandmother, Eva Mandj, the fact that she did not understand at the time, but she is grateful today. "Now that I realize this is a gift my mother gave me in my life, I'm not in this place, because I was raised by my grandmother and I'm totally different."

Laura and Thalia in recent decades. Photo: I am Carmin

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