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"The ankle is usually removed," admitted the judge who gave Connie a place of residence

Horacio Conzi, the murderer of Marcos Schenone, was sentenced to 24 years and 9 months in prison. Due to a violation of the arrhythmia that the doctors of the penitentiary service were overseeing, justice allowed him home arrest. But in the last days a contradiction arose even more serious: it is learned that the businessman has broken the electronic lever because it is "tight". The judge who provided her with the indemnity argued TN this is a situation that – It's happening every day.

In dialogue with TN Central, Judge Victoria García Maañón said that sometimes "devices can fail", which monitor the movements in detainees' houses in the same condition as Conzi. "That the bracelets go out, break or close, it happens every day. Not only are they hanging sometimes because it's a device, but sometimes it loses a signal like a cell phone. If the address is very large, it may fail two or three minutes.

The judge also clarified that if the court ascertained whether the employer had removed the bracelet and left his house without any justification related to his health problem, I can immediately go back to jail.

Hugo, Horaceo's brother, defended him. "It was all a misconception"– he said TN for the publication on Facebook, which contradicts the reasons why he can return home when he still has 8 years and 7 months in prison. In his defense, he states that he "mentions veganism", the habit of joining him in prison and that he has a beneficial effect on his health.

But he understood that posting was interpreted as "a family crime (Sheenon)" and claims that he therefore calls on his brother to close his profile to the public. He also explained that Horaceo was healing for his illness and that he slept almost all day long because the pills he received were strong.

As to how and why the device was removed, he explained: "We loosened the ankle with a dryer because I could not walk. He also noted that he also raised the pressure.

Publish the convicted to social networks. (Source: TN).
Publish the convicted to social networks. (Source: TN).

Markos Sheenone was murdered on January 16, 2003. when I was traveling with a girlfriend and two girls after I went to eat at the Dallas Restaurant in the northern suburbs. Connie was furious when one of these girls refused to be in touch with him. This unleashed the madness of the businessman who, when he left the place, pursued them with his truck on Libertador Boulevard while at the height of San Isidro Cathedral he did not shoot with 14 bullets: three of these bullets hit the victim in the back.

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