Tuesday , November 24 2020

The best work in the world: a furore in Mirco's nanny nets

Marley and Mirko continue to do their thing and continue to travel through half the planet Around the worldAfter spending a few days in Fiji Catherine Fulwood, Telefe's driver travels to Japan Araceli Gonzalez as a guest.

In the last hours, Marley He publishes an image to go to the Japanese side, but his followers did not notice the driver, but the details of the young woman who cares for the little one Mirko,

"All who want to be Mirko's nurse in 3..2..1 ?," "I want to be Mirko's nanny," "Instagram for Babe Mirko!" .. I know so many countries … "Some of the thousands of comments were published that the woman was seen traveling first along with the production team.

No doubt take care Mirko and at the same time, knowing that the world is a job that more than one person would like to have (yes, I too!).

Although Mirko has a nurse who takes care of her during the trip, the boy has already played with her Araqueles.

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