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"The Box of the Palomoto", the rough documentary about the former independent Alveiro Usuriga – 02/12/2019

Fifteen years after his death, the Colombian El Pais newspaper from Calli toured the life of Palomo Alveiro Usuriaga López, through the neighborhood on October 12, where he begins and ends his legend. The documentary, made by journalists Hugo Mario Kornensis Lopez and Cesar Polanya, lasted for 18 minutes and 44 seconds. They include Ricardo Gareca, Miguel Angel Brindisi, as well as friends, relatives and former Colombian colleagues.

On Wednesday, February 11, 2004, Alveiro was murdered after receiving 13 strokes in the corner of his house by hit while playing cards and dominating with some of his friends. A day earlier his sister had received a call, warning him what would happen.

After playing at América de Cali, Deportes Tolima and Cúcuta, Palomo He rose as a soccer star to be the highest figure of National Athletic in the dedication of Copa Libertadores in 1989, which was something unthinkable at that time for a Colombian team.

After winning the Cup, Alveiro arrived in Malaga, Spain, where he played for just one year, as he did not get used to the heavy European cold, far different from the Colombian climate. So he returned to his country to play in America de Cali, where he debuted in professionalism. There he is a figure and a champion.

Alveiro was sanctified with Copa Libertadores at Atletico National (AP Photo).

Alveiro was sanctified with Copa Libertadores at Atletico National (AP Photo).

His great performances took him to Independence, where he had a little over a year to conquer the people of Red. "It was really great because it confirmed it internationally. With it, we won the Supercope against Boca de Menotti, who had a great team, and Palomo was our trump card. For this team this was the most important event we had: in the fourth game he started and never missed. The magic of Palomos was the imprint, the footprint of speed, and the explosion that made a difference, he says Miguel Angel Brindisi, in the documentary, who was the technician who got it in Independiente. There he also won the 1994 Klauzura tournament.

Palomeo Alveiro Usuriga had two cycles in Independence (Photo: Tellam).

After Independence, he crosses Necasha de Mexico, Barcelona de Ecuador and Santos de Brasil. In 1996 he returned to red, and in 1997 he went to Colombia to play in Millonarios and Atlético Bucaramanga. He then returns to Argentina to wear General Pas Juniors' shirts and all the boys. It also happened through Paraguay's Sportivo Luqueño. His last club was Carabobo de Venezuela.

on Palomo He also had a history in the Colombian national team. He is the author of the goal of classifying the coffee team for the 1990 World Cup in Italy in a re-match against Israel. So Columbia went to the World Cup in 28 years. But to his shame he was not called for the World Cup of Italy.

The technical staff of that time, headed by Francisco Pacho Matourana apologized that Alveiro had reduced her work. But on the streets of October 12, they assure her that she was separated from the establishment to leave a concentration to play balls with her little friends …

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At the moment of his death, at Palomo It was only three days from his trip to Japan to join his sixteenth club. He is 37 years old and spent 24 months outside the courts for positive cocaine doping in 1997, during his second stage at Independence.His murder was ordered by Jefferson Valdes Marin, the head of a gang of assassins, known as "La Nigra"According to police authorities, the legendary Colombian player maintained contact with the former offender's partner, why he commanded his death.


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