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The Centurion index, which puts the talent of a footballer under control: a scandal every six months

Ricardo Senturion Climb back into the center of the ring without asking him. The reflector's lights always point to him and he does that for a little more light. The soccer player of 26 years He returned to be the main character of a scandal, this time to fight his coach in a full match against the River.

Mischievous, inscrutable and crazy with the ball in the legs; she is also without her. And it plays against him. on "Centurion Index" It is clear: from his first debut June 2012 to today, the man of competitive accumulates an additional football problem every six months,

The past few years have been the most stormy for him and have been involved with security concerns for delicate allegations of gender violence by a former partner.

"Saint" was detained in three periods outside the country – San Pablo and Genoa twice – almost always avoiding local chaos. "I got bad, I confess. I behaved badly, I made a shitBut they also rolled me a lot. They did not leave me. I swear I felt hunted by my own shadow, "he summed up his career between scandals and soccer when he left Boca in 2017.

12 scandal for 6 years career

• August 2012: I made my debut two months ago in the first race when a shot with a gun was released a few years ago. I saw the gun on the table and asked my cousin to take a picture of me. I did not have a yacht to photograph the yachtI saw the gun and took a picture. Two years later I made my debut at the competition and this picture was on Facebook, "he explained years later.

• April 2015A few months ago, he joined San Pablo after becoming a Racing champion. He travels to Argentina to play for Copa Libertadores against San Lorenzo, gets permission to stay in the country one day to see his family and generate anger because he was shot in bowling at night. Up, she he fell asleep and missed the flight back to Brazil the next morning.

• May 2016: One of the six exceptions during his more than 200 professional games was in Libertadores with San Pablo's shirt and after spitting a player from Toluka de Mexico in the 90th minute of his game with his team ranked as a winner 5-3 in global.

September 2016One Sunday at dawn and as a Boca player he was in the news that he was responsible for BMW, who hit Fiat Duna in the Avellaneda area. Prior to justice, he acknowledged that this was control of the steering wheel of the vehicle.

January 2017Within hours, while playing Superclásico in Mar del Plata, Centurión shot in a confusing fact in the corridors of the hotel where he concentrated with Boca. In the movie that was missed, the midfielder was completely upset and had to be controlled by his teammates.

• May 2017: the most delicate fact in his story. His former partner Melina condemned him for attacks and threats. The footballer, who at the time was photographing a photo shotgun, was denounced at Kilmels police station and even had a limit to leave the country. Months later the woman filed the complaint. "I confess that I had a relationship with her but they gave her a ball because she went to appear in Centurion, the 10th from Boca, what she said is not true," she said at the time.

• July 2017: I had everything ready to go to Boca and even refused an offer from Genoa. Within a few hours of the official ending of his transfer, he went on a bowling alley in Lanus and took part in a violent act in which his friends threatened a fanatic who wanted to be photographed with him. At that time, Centurión criticized Daniel Angelci for not renting him, and the president replied, "There were a few problems he had."

– It came from the meeting and it is true that I went to the bowling alley in Lanus, but they come and take a flash of light on my face. One of them makes decisions, makes them, and it costs me to leave the club", admitted months later.

March 2018Upon returning to Italy, he returned to Racing and had a new car problem. He ran several red lights and refused to breathe blood. One traffic agent shot him, trying to "fix" the situation. "I have to fix it, I can cover the month if it's a body," he told the civil servant.

• June 2018Centurion was mysteriously abandoned by the Russian World Cup when rumors were heard that he would be quoted. While Argentina regretted the passage of the round, she issued several controversial publications. "The desire to move forward and stand up," he wrote in their networks during the draw against Iceland's debut. Days later he uploaded a photo with Lautaro Martinez – the other one that was missed – after the defeat against Croatia.

• August 2018Eduardo Coude decided to put him on the bench in a duel against Atletico Tucuman and sowed a suspicion. The question was confirmed by the explosive speeches of Victor Blanco, who confirmed the undisciplined act and pointed out his "addictions" as the engine of the problem: "You must be responsible, obviously because of the information I have because I have taken too much This is the reality if you drink or you go to bed late, the next day you do not give the same.

• August 2018: In a full meeting for Copa Libertadores, Enzo Perez reproached him for this twinkling of the World Cup and broke out a scandal. Centurion pursued him, wanted to hit him and drive him out.

February 2019: The last big problem for the player in 26 years. There was an incident with Eduardo Coudet on the pitch monumental during the defeat of the river and the coach decided to send him to training with reserve.

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