Thursday , June 17 2021

The change in WhatsApp, so they do not include us without permission in the groups

Are you tired of being placed in different WhatsApp groups without your permission? It seems that one of the biggest shortcomings of the courier service will finally be resolved.

As expected WABetainfothe platform tests a new option in privacy settings so you can choose who can add us to a group: "All," "My Contacts," or "None." Thus, the first option will keep our ambassador as it has been so far. The second will allow only our contacts to add us to a group; and the third one will not add us.

If you choose the "None" option when you want to join a group, we will receive a notification and we will have to assume that we are part of this group chat, The invitation will expire after 72 hours if we do not accept it.

The new option
The new "Groups" option in WhatsApp Privacy.

There is currently no confirmed date for this performance, but if it has already appeared in a trial version of the newspaper, it will likely be executed in the short run.

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