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The Chinese rover finds mysterious minerals in the far side of the moon

Chang-e-4 deliberately landed inside the moon crater Von Kármán, one of the largest known struc- tures for impacting the solar system. Like National Geographic points out that if scientists find lunar mantle material anywhere, it's a good place to search. In exploring the Karter Basin, Jutu-2 discovered two minerals: low-calcium (ortho) pyroxene and olivine. They agree with the predictions of what the top mantle of the Moon might contain.

Scientists suspect that lunar bark and mantle layers differ from each other thanks to the ancient ocean of magma that cools and cure. But what we know about the composition of the moon is largely based on surface samples returned from the Apollo missions that were on the nearby side of the moon.

To date, no one has collected mantle samples. But some scientists warn that this study is unconvincing. The Yutu-2 spectrometer can actually see a volcanic glass or cured melt from the impact that originally created the crater Von Kármán. Yutu-2 will continue to study these materials, hoping to understand their geological context and origin, and to determine the potential to return the samples back to Earth. However, samples are interpreted, scientists agree that the discovery of these distant minerals is a pioneering feat.

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