Sunday , November 29 2020

The city is investigating a river fan who hid flames in baby clothes

The image reflects the overflow that generates a duel for the Copa Libertadores final. In the previous game a video was released in which A river fan who uses a minor to keep missiles and thus be able to enter the stadium.

The sequence is broadcast from social networks and shows a woman hitting striped racquets on a baby's body, which is supposed to be your daughter or relative.

The maneuver occurred moments before influx of River Plate supporters to the monumental stadium, where the Copa Libertadores Superbike would be played. The goal is to circumvent the caches and the prevention operation.

Security Secretary Buenos Aires, responsible for this Marcello Alessandro, confirmed to Infobae that the complaint is being investigated by a custodian of minors.

Images have become viral to such an extent that they reach international media such as Spanish sports newspapers brand and ace,

The sporting competition was suspended this Saturday afterwards the attack by the microorganism who had the Boca Juniors team.

The whole day he lived in Tense climate due to nervousness of the party that included incidents in the streets around the stadium Antonio Vespucio Liberti.

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