Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Conmebol dream to re-issue Intercontinental

Alemeandro Dominguez, president of CONMEBOL, said one of the lessons drawn from the great expectation in Copa Libertadores' final in Madrid is that he has the "dream" of reissuing the Intercontinental Cup faced by the European champion of South America

Several hours after the return of the Libertadoris final, between the river and Boca, the Paraguayan leader received Efe at the Madrid Hotel, where the South American Confederation established its headquarters.

Dominguez has no doubt that "tomorrow's behavior will be good regardless of the outcome," and reveals that his dream is to restore the confrontation between Europe and South America, which brought great duels to the past.

"This match played in a neutral place between South America and Europe is a dream I have, and if there is a chance, it's a dream that has to be re-published," he said.

This would help, in his opinion, of CONMEBOL's decision, ratified by FIFA, to play Copa América on the same dates as the European Championship.

"The fact that we are in the same calendar month and the same year will be able to enable the South American champion to come and play here in Europe and then play in South America or in a neutral match. many things to be proposed, energized and find alternatives and will be like another World Cup, "he said.

What remains to be seen is the old statement of the South American Confederation that the Spanish team is playing Copa America, which has already played from teams in North and Central America, or Qatar and Japan, invited to the next edition,

"It would be great if Spain came in. Unfortunately, today with this League of Nations calendar there is no assurance that at the end of the calendar, Spain will be free or available to play" Copa America "and will limit this intention little, "he said. Effe.

Regarding his confederation's request to proceed to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the expansion of 48 selections, the president of CONMEBOL justifies him by saying that with greater participation the South American teams will raise the level of the race.

"While South America can contribute to more teams, the level of football and competition in the world will be better." Our proposal is to have more seats because the Copa America champion can not enter the World Cup with one point. and there were three more countries under the same conditions, if it could be allowed or not, it is more in the hands of Gianni Infantino than in ours, "he added.

Similarly, he rejects that the decision to remove the Finn of the Copenhagen Copenhagen continent will damage the World Championship nomination in 2030.

"This is a positive influence, there is a much greater chance, because one learns from mistakes, it is better to have all the mistakes" before "and" not after "and I think unfortunately violence is not something, South America suddenly seeing violence here in Europe is not something that can be confined to a continent or country Unfortunately, violence is a scourge that attacks football at any time, we must continue to work on it all the time. "

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