Wednesday , May 5 2021

The Council of the Pamps to Florencia Penia and Laurita Fernandez to be respected in "Beandando": "If they were, I would start distributing zeros"

From the beginning of Dance 2018 there is a sense of rebellion against the jury, which has not been observed in previous editions. And those who suffer the most from a similar uprising of the participants are Florence Pena and Laurita Fernandez,

Given this situation, Carolina Ardohein gave her opinion on the matter and hinted that this was a matter of right on the floor and "It will depend on the girls" be respected. "If they were, they would start distributing zeros to everyone and they would download their copies for a second", exhibited in the Specialists of the show.

"Everyone has a formula that works by their personality, it's also hard to keep the time of a villain, I'd have a lot more fun"added Pampita.

"They also made it difficult for me at first, then I clicked and it was a party, after clicking, everyone else did it with a", close the model.

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