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The court failed for Santa Cruz, and the remains arrive in other provinces – 09.12.2018

The court decides more than the slogan law

The Supreme Court will decide this week if it becomes the final arbitrator of the electoral mistakes, where they beat, the captives, the demons of the Argentine political crisis. It will also show if, with the change of authority, that Carlos Rosencrant's promotion to Ricardo Lorenceti has been verified change of political leadership in court, Ministers have promised to resolve this Monday, locked on four walls and without witnesses, what will they do with the fate of the controversial election system as a law on the slogans that radicals one of the three provinces where she runs, Santa CruzThe decision will be announced in any case after the meeting on Tuesday.

The resolution gains gravity, as the political community sees in it the possibility of meaningful definitions. First, if this court is ready to turn into a window of complaints about issues that do not allow other powers and other jurisdictions because of the impossibility of reaching any solvency arrangements. This will happen if you enter the heart of the question and find out, in a new twist, that electoral affairs are not the exclusive competence of the provinces, a criterion which is supported, with few exceptions, by the court. What he decides will also have consequences on the political ground.

If it confirms the slogan system, it will be beneficial to Peronisma and will contradict the national government of the Change. If it leaves the judgment of the Santa Crucian court, it will give the strongest support to Alicia Kirchner's risky administration, a square of resistance to the surviving Kirchner. If you include the slogans, you will flatter the solution and extend the angle of the problems that will be solved. For example, wrong for the re-election of at least two governors who in these hours, they are seeking to prolong mandates in 2019

Fear of the government of the judges

The fear of leaks made the last meeting of counselors – advisors to every judge in the Court – be suspended and moved the decision to this MondayThis could not be before, because the chief prosecutor's opinion arrived a week ago, and since court president Carlos Rosenkranz was in the United States and arrived only Monday morning. As the date of the verdict is settled – tomorrow – pressure begins on the 4th floor of the Court. Radical Senator Eduardo Costa, who competed with Alicia in 2015 he does not want to repeat defeat in 2019.He complains of his own government that he does not create a climate of opposition to the slogan law, as if he is not interested in his destiny in the province. The way we protested was to leave the session that approved the main project of Cambiemos, the national budget that contains the financial program agreed with the IMF.

Also, what comes out of Tuesday's agreement will consolidate a court or court that assesses its borders with prudence in a weak power. The court has experienced such situations Avoid the rules of judgesThe most famous is the case of pensions. The Court has been appealed against the pension body and has always acted as an additional and temporary authority of other powers. This is evident from the series of Badaro mistakes. In 2006, the Court ruled in favor of a surname's surname, who asked for an update of his benefit, but warned Congress that he should review the method of calculation by law. As this slowed down Badaro II, which seemed an executive measure of the judiciary.

The court is trying to avoid these days that the saga is repeated. On Tuesday of next week, the sentence was compromised to resolve such a mistake. Will decide that the ISBIC formula is worth it (Industrial and Construction Wages Index) rather than the one that the government wants to enforce in the trials of retirees who are in the RIPTE (Rates of Average Average Taxable Wages of Stable Workers) program. But in the same sentence he will ask Congress a more relaxed formula.

Intolerance also ruins the slogans

The Peronist governor of Santa Cruz lost in 2015 in the popular vote, but remained in office because he added the votes of Peronist Daniel Peralta. Since 2015, this administration has been opposed to the pressure of the national government to abolish a system that ruled many provinces, but this it disappearsThis was at the initiative of the provincial forces that challenged the nar. "Simultaneous double voting," which implies this Belgian system that has made glory in Uruguay and was accepted in several provinces. It serves parties with many internal divisions and without discipline, such as Peronism, This power has a kakinic origin in a military man, Juan Peron, was created under a military regime and by the state. So there were only two drivers; Peron himself, and in the 90s Carlos Meem. After Rioha's departure from leadership, he seeks leadership that unites, but does not appear.

The country's crisis has deteriorated since 2001 and casts doubt on the system of slogans that is peaceful when groups are strong and share key pillars in ideas and programs. This is a method that works within a political family in which it can be tolerated that the vote for "A" ultimately benefits from a cousin, so to speak. Now if the vote of a peronist goes to Urdubei but eventually dedicates Kicilof, the system creates noiseThat is why he falls into the provinces and is now in court. Fragmentation of the political system of creole is accompanied by growing intolerance inside and outside the parties, and it is intolerable that the vote is directed in a different sense from what the voter wants.

It is also an X-ray of power in court

The slogan confrontation will also allow for x-ray reporting of the court positions. During the previous Lorenzeti presidency, jurisprudence was imposed that the electoral issues they are issues of provincial public law, something that this time has ratified the proclamation of the nation that intervenes on Eduardo Casal. As he is in power with executive leave, there are pro-government officials who believe that Olivos supports the Santa Cruz slogan law because the head of the prosecutor's office argues that this is a matter for the provincial court that has already approved his application .

The Court only deviated twice from this criterion, namely on the questions of Santiago del EsteroFirstly, he rejected the constitutional reform that encouraged intervention through the request of the radical Jose El Proto Zapalia. Later, when he became the third series of governor of Gerardo Zamora. In other cases, provincial jurisdiction for electoral subjects is protected. There are two judges in the court who were voters –Juan Carlos Makeda and Horaceo Rosate– who are characterized by their failure to maintain the federal system. They are joined by Ricardo Lorenzetti, who presides over the court in 2015, when the verdict in favor of three provinces was pronounced, which is required by the co-op, against the nation. Lorenceti voted with Makeda and Carlos Faith in favor of fiscal federalism.

If this criterion is transferred to the cause of the slogans, it will not be surprising that Makeda and Lorenceti claim that this is a provincial case and that the Court should not intervene. This, if true, poses the question in the hands of Horatio Rosati, another former voter coming from Santa Fe, where he was a mayor when he ran the slogan law and was not known to have discussed his validity.

Rosenkrantz's Past Growth

The Chief Justice arrives this Monday from the United States, but he is not known about the issue. At a distance, he ordered the suspension of the counselors' so there were no leaks for the end, at a time when pressure was on the rise for information from all political tribes. Before 2011, he was the sponsor of the cause that Francisco de Narvaze had begun to be admitted to be a presidential candidate. At that time, Rosencrantz may claim the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court over a question of the electoral jurisdiction. De Nazdeed was a candidate for governor in the Buenos Aires courtby analogy with the decision allowing Mar del Plata's magistrate Federico Hawuf to be a priest: he was born in the Netherlands but was raised in Argentina and could not climb from a judge to a provincial palace because the Constitution declared him Argentinian .

De Narvaez was Colombian, but he took advantage of the decision of Hawuf. Rosencrantz's professional past is valid to say that the law of slogans is a matter for the Court and not for the provincial jurisdiction? This magistrate is a constitutionalist who will surely focus on addressing the issue in doctrine, not in the possibility, which is what everyone looks at. It is believed that he will examine carefully within the meaning of Article 8 of the national constitution. This article states: "The citizens of each province enjoy all the rights, privileges and immunities inherent in the title of the citizen in others." By law the slogans are the voting of a citizen of Santa Cruz who is less than that of a resident of another? province to such an extent that it is subject to resale?

Julian vs. Hannibal, warning the internists

Taking this into account in the debate on the slogan law, the discussion on the value of voting opens. If one person is equal to one voice everywhere, why is Santa Cruz costing two voices for this figure of the slogans as "double simultaneous voting"? Is not the vote on double voting in installments on two different dates? In voting, the citizen voted twice, freely, choosing only two options in the second round. In the law of slogans you choose a system, but it is peaceful if it is done within a family. In Argentina today, matches are cells in which the factionsDisplays the Peronist offer between the federal and the Christian. Also the abuse of some fractions of the Change. They joined the radicals and PRO on Tuesday at the grill in Palermo, but what came out here this was not very encouragingThe mass stopped in a debate about who should be a candidate for governor in La Pampa. The Radicals conducted two studies (Aurelio, Poliarquía) claiming that Senator Juan Carlos Marino from UCR was the best placed. PRO friends responded that the party had "Colorado" Carlos McAlister wishing to go to a trainee (La Pampa is not necessarily STEP).

"We can not reduce it because it has already made the victim withdraw from the sports secretariat to be a candidate," they explained. For radicals, moving to an inner would be shows weakness, besides telling them that the Peronist government of this province sent the voters to intervene in the outcome. The next day, when this was reported to Marino, the senator said he was giving up the candidacy. In all parties there is an unwillingness to go to trainees because they see PJ's mirror in Buenos Aires when they face Julian Dominguez and Anibal Fernandez. This internal struggle has provoked so much discontent that it worsened the formula and that then lost the Vidal elections,

The two governors are awaiting the decision

If the Court accepts that the law of slogans is not a provincial thing but touches constitutional guarantees, it will become the seat of other pending mistakes. These days there are two governors who are trying to renew his mandate with poor roles in the institutional field. One of them is Sergio Casas of La Rioja, who is discussing a new term. The other is Alberto Uretinque, in Rio Negro. The Court, in the case of slogans, admits that it deals with the matter. If you approve the system, Casas and Weretilneck's claims will reach you. This puts the nerves of the situation in Rio Negro on the visit of Miguel Pichetto next Friday in Bariloche, seeking oxygen for his presidential bid. Or a national senatorPeronism in his province has made him ashamed, but on the national line, weapons are a "federal" ticket to look for partners in Rio Negro. His son, Juan Manuel, will be a candidate for Mayor of Videma, a chairman he has narrowly lost in 2015. It is not excluded that Picket will find local partners in the area of ​​current governor Alberto Verelenkek who will try to be re-elected by the cross-league , which will face Christina Marin Soria. This is related to his re-election, which may also end in the Court.

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