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The criminal strike suffered by a player on Workshops – 13/02/2019

It was 10 minutes before the match was over and San Pablo was out of control. Without play, no direction, and the sequence that slipped out of his hands. On the other hand, Taleres, with a huge performance in Moormby, began to feel classified

But out of football there was extra spice, more common in another Copa Libertadores period, and that was clearly the local arbitration of Ecuadorian judge Rodi Zabrano.

The judge, who decided to pass all sorts of local offenses in the first half and who did not impose a clear punishment on Sebastian Palacios, had no choice but to drive Everton with a criminal strike on the left side of T, Enzo Diaz

In the middle ball dispute, the midfield midfielder, who was already reprimanded, went to look for the ball that was flying in the air with a raised leg. And in the intersection with Diaz, the soles extended. The result was a criminal that made the Argentine player bleed.

The concern of Talleres's players before the impact of Enzo Díaz. REUTERS

The concern of Talleres's players before the impact of Enzo Díaz. REUTERS

At first it seemed that Zambrano would not draw a card, but before the generalized request of the men from the workshops and see how the blood came from Diaz's face, the judge pulled the red out of his pocket.

With a lot of authority, Taleres entered Morai's draw with 0: 0 and thus held the 2: 0 advantage achieved in Cordoba. Vojvoda's team moved to Libertador's third phase, where they would face Palestine from Chile.

And if T succeeds in surpassing the Chileans, it will reach its first major goal: entering the phase of the groups where the river, Porto Alegre International and Alma Lima are waiting.

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