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The crisis, which (through India) the government is silent until today

Indeed, in the last few days, the conflict that has long been Minister Oscar Aguad and his second Secretary of Defense, Horaceo Chigizola, were silent.

In December 2015, Makri decides that the ministry is in the hands of UCR and offers it as a showcase for Rioja Julio Martinez, accompanied by Angel Tello, a man mentioned by Federico Storani and two other characters: from the group of Ernesto Sanz and Ector Lots.

The first round was held with the appointment of the army chief between Elizabeth Kariu, who supported Diego Sunner, a soldier of bad temper, but a great prestige among his comrades and the unspoken Barri del Valle Sauza, who, among others, were backed by Federico Pinedo. Sosa is a man with few friends who knew how to surf the Milano era; Stubborn and intriguing took too little time to overthrow the Suner and freeze any attempt to redefine the forces other than his own project in order to preserve his unspoilt power: he still has the pen that suggests promotions.

The elections in La Rioja took Martinez to the Senate and left the ministry in a vacant position, allowing the executive to pass the head of the message to that court after condemning its work in the Argentine cabinet, which will soon be called upon to give a statement. deliberation. Oscar Aguad, who deals with him, overlooks the public defense policy he chose as his second Horaceo Chigizola, a Radical of this issue from the time of the Raul Alfonzin government, when he sent Horatio Javunarena, a multi-party reference to the national policies in the matter.

Chighizola, there is little to be given to public relations. On the way to defense, a successful spectacle is added at the head of Banco Ciudad – another war, the prey of Buenos Aires politics, during the leadership of Fernando de la Rua, who later became vice chancellor. Friends and adversaries recognize his obsession with work and performance measurement, honesty, authority in the face of disaster, as he pointed out to the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee in the long-term speculation about the disappearance of ARA San Juan and austerity savings for governance. public funds.

Sinking the submarine is just the visible part of the iceberg of the problems in the forces. Before the icebreaker Irizar started to fire, there were countless robberies of weapons and ammunition that came to the end of a valuable anti-tank missile from North America. However, the strategy developed by Gare and Milani prevented this situation from being careful about the brilliant growth of senior officers they approve each year.

The second round, already in the current leadership, was for wages that Aguad overcame by claiming responsibility for raising a fixed amount, which led to a third win that the Commissioner had covered the error of Pablo Legorboy, second to Andres Ibaras at the Ministry of modernization and claimed loyalty.

The third round is social work. Each weapon had its own and united to reduce operational costs, creating IOSFA during the Alliance's reign; Responsible Ricardo Ruizza, promoted by Ricardo Lopez Murphy, has achieved a strange record of defending Oraccio Verbitsky. IOSFA has become a huge and very bad social work devoted to the appointment of relatives and fighters. Aguad put his insurance expert in the lead, Pedro Barrios, who, after questioning, finally sentenced Andres Rodriguez to the social work of the state. Barriches had unhappy statements accusing the military of being useless. Aguad had to withdraw from the plans and decided to blame the Chigizole for the mess, though the issue was foreign to his region and offered him a diplomatic exit as an ambassador to Nicaragua. He also has no responsibility with regard to the policy of settling military property for real estate and commercial purposes.

In his role as military secretary, Chighizola tried to break the "Plancamil 2011" designed by Kirchner and Bari Sosa's neutralizing crown. He in vain proposed a progress in a new force scheme with 21st century international security parameters that could hardly be continued without an appropriate international diagnosis.

In November last November, when it turned out that the new minister would be Ernesto Sanz, there were alarms in the Mediterranean tent. Aguad met with Mendoza, got the advice to lie down in the game, and summoned Javannare to write a military justice project to replace the Gareth canceled.

The lack of this legal instrument led to the judge of Caleta Olivia, who was responsible for assessing the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the San Juan submarine. One wonders what training and experience that allows the federal judge to know and evaluate the operational tactical solutions of experienced naval officers.

Also, there are crimes that are characteristic of military life, such as disobedience, cowardice, abandonment or betrayal, and all the military justice codes in the world treating such crimes. Once the order has been received, the head of the Ripa headquarters and the Aguad alter ego decided better than Javunare to devote himself to writing a code of ethics …

Over the past year, they have been releasing versions of a new plan to restructure the armed forces. It is curious because specialists have not been called to face a task of this magnitude, and the main civil servants in the area do not have the necessary training or experience: in addition, there are still staff from the previous government. Prolonged hearing indicates that the armed forces will be attached to public security functions, and it is enough to repeal the National Decrees Act, 727/06. There is no answer as to how military discipline will be restored, how much poor training will be reinforced, and how vital retrofitting will be provided.

In the midst of all these complex and unresolved technical issues, Aguad has decided to shift Chighizola for reasons that change with the passing of hours. We will understand the truth as soon as it becomes clear that this is the imposition of the secretary of strategic affairs, Fulvio Pompeo, or that the relief is the taste of Aguad, paying attention to the differences that exist with Chighizola in terms of budget, military strategies and priorities. while handling costs, while allowing Paola Dequiara to be unloaded, the second to Pompeii and the recently completed military strategy.

It would replace Chighizola, and the progress of the Cabinet leadership would be concealed as revenge for the interior of Cambiemos in Cordoba.

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