Sunday , May 16 2021

The criticism of Lorita Fernandez's Natalie Webber for her performance in the bachata: "What I saw was a wonder"

The jury was strong in analyzing the performance of the model and its dancer. See what he said!

The reason why Laurita Fernandez violated her annotation role in Natalie Webber's judgment in Bailando 2018

This is a special evening. while Mauro Zarate is ready to play Libertada's final with the shirt mouth this Saturday before River, Natalie Webber – his wife – leaves everything on the track Dance 2018 to reach as much as possible in the contest.

That was the case, after a few gala with a low score, the participant blinded the jury. One of those happy with the show was Laurita Fernandezwho, during his return, broke the sheet of his annotations.

"I record everything in this article, really … Bachata is a mix of technique and sensuality, I was amazed by what I saw, I wrote nothing, really made my skin crawl because I felt you were enjoying it, Natalie,

"I record everything in this book, really … Bachata is a mix of technique and sensuality. I wonder what I saw. I did not write anything I really have convulsions because I felt you like it, Natalie"he said.

"You did not think about choreography, you were dancing and you feel you feel it, I saw you sexy, I felt them connected, it was beautiful they were doing, it was beautiful, it was not rude, elegant, but with passion. For me it was the batch. My best class is, and that's the best I've ever seen"closed, without knowing the voice, because in this round I touch the secret.

I have experienced the incredible performance of Natalie Webber in Dance 2018!

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