Sunday , November 29 2020

The crossfire that survived a severe illness and celebrated it this way

Crossfire has struggled for many years with a disease that almost cost her life. With much effort, it has been an example of overcoming the whole world. And he celebrates it very specially.

She is Gianna Breslin, who has been fighting for more than two years illness which almost cost him his life. Attract thousands of followers to the posts you make in your Instagram account. On this occasion, he shares three videos in which he shoots snow in bikinis.

The native of California is happy and eager to continue in the sport world. It is at its best body level after overcoming the enormous illness with which he has been fighting for more than two years.

"I had to take advantage of this fresh snow!" Who is fond of cold therapy? "Bresslin asked more than 670,000 followers of Instagram. The 27-year-old athlete released the video with a coat and a pair of snails. Then he takes them down to throw himself in the snow.

"Cryotherapy, cold showers, ice baths, etc. All these methods have been helpful to improve your health!", Explained the personal trainer.

And he clarified a list of its benefits: "It reduces pain and inflammation, accelerates healing tissue, removes muscle pain, burns calories."

Yana Breslin suffers seriously and strangely illness It took him years to fight. In a previous post on the latest videos, he explained that he lived on Golgotha.

"2015 to the present: after one year of a dozen unexplained infections, I went to see a physician by nature (…) I was told I had mercury and heavy metal toxicity, 39 food allergies, severely injured intestines, hormonal imbalances, (not getting rid of toxins) and active cancer cells (…) I had several health problems that eventually made me lose weight, basically my body is falling apart, "he said.

Crossfire told him how he fought against it illness and he works to improve his health. "These health problems triggered the motivation that brought me to the place I am today and excited my passion and research to optimize my health, it took me about two years to normalize everything, but I think it is one of the best things, Today I have 140 pounds, 100% healthy, and now I have more knowledge to help others, "she concluded, the woman who became an example of self-improvement for other people.

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