Thursday , November 26 2020

The curse that led to the death of a member of Scottish royalties

Daughter of Marxism as a member of the Scottish nobility was found lifeless after suffering an overdose of heroin and cocaine, The terrible discovery was made by her own friend.

Lady Bet, the daughter of Queensberry Marquis He dies at an exclusive party in Notting Hill, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods where houses reach 25 million pounds ($ 32 million).

Bet was there attended a two-day party where there were all types of alcohol and drugs. According to eyewitnesses, the teenager seems to have never used drugs before, and even had to help her find the vein for her to be injected, according to the digital version ABC,

but attendees did not see death because everyone thought she was asleep as a result of the consumption of drugs, but Jenan Herzos Karagoli, who called for an emergency, as published Daily Mail,

Lady Bet has a double life because she has received it a scholarship that recognized her as one of the best young violinists in the country in 2016. Shortly before her death she declared herself a prostitute on Twitter, showing images of underwear and their "slaves" who were his clients and hired their services as a domineer.

In addition to everything has been in the treatment of problems of anorexia, personality disorder and bipolarization; and according to British tabloids, Beth's family was totally dysfunctional.

Beth or Ling Ling, as well as it was known, is the product of the marriage between Sir Daddy and the 31-year-old Taiwanese, At that time he was 72 years old and has only four children.

Although he had all the comforts of a home with credit, Bet never felt loved, because she is a child, she is hiding in the violin, which was her best companion during the difficult separation process from her parents. His immediate brother Milo committed suicide. That fact was so bright to her that she was injured at the age of 13.

Despite allegations that Beth had not used drugs before, a close source said Daily Mail this really She was a junkie at the age of 15 when she left the music.

At this age he began to undress to make money through Skype, and even got up to £ 500 for his hobby.

In this moment started with cannabis, MDMA and cocaine, and in 2016 it was accepted into a detoxification center.

But this rehabilitation does not work as it continues consuming both cocaine and methamphetamines, chemicals that mix with drugs which have been prescribed by their doctors.

By December 2017 He opened a Twitter account, where he called the Goddess Candy, in which he offers sexual services through a 20 pound webcam (25.7USD) and thus maintain their dependencies.

But that was not enough for her, so he dedicated himself to visiting nightclubs in London to find clients They could pay more than that.

Your friend, He said that at that time he was fully involved in cocaine and even started to take his clients to the department that they are shared

A few hours before he died, I was with a couple of men at the hotels in Bayswater. This tragic story adds to the curse of Queensbury himself, which blamed the family for centuries, bringing unexplained deaths to his family members.

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