Monday , April 12 2021

The dollar closed after the new tender of the Central Bank chronicle

The dollar gained 27 cents on Wednesday to sell to the public and ended at an average of $ 38.46, as well as a wholesale investor where the currency climbed 40 cents and reached the floor of the group without intervention from the Central Bank. , which on that day was in the range of $ 37.50 minimum and a maximum of $ 48.53.

The retailer, or for sale to the public, reached a maximum of $ 38.60 in several of the banks surveyed by BCRA as the Supervisor, City and Patagonia, while the minimum was at $ 38.40 at Banco Nosson.

However, since during the trading period the US currency was below this floor, the enterprise managed by Guido Sandleris, made a new bid on the stock market with one auction, which he bought $ 30 million at an average price of $ 37.4740, with a maximum buyout price of $ 37.49.

BACR's intervention has occurred in the last minutes of the round, unlike the previous days in which the business was supposed to be involved at the beginning of the transaction, given the limited or no registered business level.

"The demand for coverage took over all available supplies and triggered an adjustment that was not provided by the market by adjusting prices now in the area of ​​formal non-interference", She said, Gustavo Kintana operator of PR brokers.

"The dollar in the forex market began to develop, while maintaining
during the day 30 cents over the end of yesterday, which is up to $ 37.40 due
constant demand from foreign banks to cover the positions of investment funds abroad ", t
coincided Fernando Izzo, analyst at ABC Mercado de Cambios.

According to the specialist, Central did not have to buy the shares by the end of the round due to the fact that "For that reason, it has barely reached its target today, at the cost of its zone without intervention, missing 10 minutes before the end, announcing $ 30 million, and banks immediately raised the price to $ 37.50, even though the market was working under that quote",

For its part, BCRA continued to confirm a decline in the level of liquidity bills it holds on a daily basis. Today he paid an average of 57.542%.

In this way, 10 consecutive loss wheels were executed, down 3.28% from January 3, when 59.43% was agreed. The amount granted today amounted to 164,097 million dollars, compared with a maturity of 164,097 million dollars, which resulted in a $ 7,000 million takeover effect.

The volume traded in the money segment was 706.1 million dollars, with no operations on Mercado Abierto Electrónico's futures markets.

In the Rosario, Rofex futures market, 580 million dollars were traded, of which more than 50% were contracted in January and February, ending at $ 38.30 and $ 39.57, respectively. Thus, timeouts increased by more than $ 0.30 in the case of shorter maturities and more than $ 0.45 as of April 2019.

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