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The dollar closed steadily at a price of 46.16 dollars in a wheel with renewed volatility

The tour was in line with Single and Free Stock Market (MULC), where the currency advanced three cents to 45 dollars for constant dollarization of portfolios, while official April inflation data was expected (at the closure it was known that in April it was 3.4%).

The values ​​move within a sinusoidal path, alternating with a strong initial elevation and symmetrically low over the closure.

on demand for coverage accompanied in local conditions by the strength of the dollar relative to other currencies in the first partDuring this period, buying orders put pressure on the US currency price, reaching a maximum of $ 45.50, fifty-three cents above the values ​​recorded in the previous end.

With a lot of fluctuations, prices continued to work over $ 45 during most of the session's development, but somewhat out of reach.

on The official presence was again highlighted in the futures markets with sales positions that were trying to limit the price adjustment,

During the second half of the session, the offer was rebalanced by price adjustments with declines, which led to a bottom of $ 44.95. At the time of closure, a small reaction adjusted them to a discreetly higher level than the end of the day before.

Analyst Gustavo Kintana said that "prices are responding to their fluctuations in external fluctuations, but always within the guardianship provided by the official intervention strategy that keeps a steady presence in futures markets."

He stressed that "far from historical highs, but without achieving relative stability, the dollar's domestic price still expects the Central Bank regulation that is trying to smooth out price movements but always accompanies the international trend."


on The central bank (BCRA) confirmed a slight reduction in Leliq rates of 2 basis points, ending an average of 71,602% for a total of $ 208,302 million. This operation generated a liquidity surge of $ 17,108 million.

At the first auction, the Central Bank provided seven-day liquidity letters at an average rate of 71.590% for an amount of 163.272 million dollars.

At the second seven-day liquidity bills auction, the amount provided amounted to 45,030 million dollars at an average rate of reduction of 71,646%, the maximum amount of the prize being 71,7900% and the minimum 70,890%.

International shocks

The recovery in global shares caused by US President Donald Trump's softer rhetoric on the trade dispute with Beijing is weakening on Wednesday due to grim Chinese economic data and new problems with Italian debt.

Concerns about the trade war of the two largest economies in the world have caused turbulence in global markets. But investors were pleased that Trump, on Tuesday, said the dispute with Beijing was a "small dispute" and insisted that the talks had not collapsed.

But Chinese data, which showed a surprisingly low growth in retail sales and industrial output, hit markets and increased pressure on Beijing to start more incentives.

In the forex markets, the dollar traded at 109.38 yen after hit the three-month minimum on Monday of 109,020 units of the Japanese currency, while the yuan dropped to 6.9138 units per dollar on international markets.

Other Markets

In the informal market, blue finished without $ 46 variantsaccording to the study of this environment in the caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, contad con liqui recovered 49 cents to $ 45.85 on Tuesday.

IN the money market between banks is called money It works at 70%. With foreign exchange swaps, $ 188 million was contracted to take and / or pledge money using dollar purchases for Thursday and Friday.

IN ROFEX$ 1,291 million were operated, 30% more than on Tuesday. This is due to almost 500 million dollars, operated by the end of the month, on the number of contracts between the parties, in addition to the shortfall of US $ 110 million. until the end of June.

The first months have concentrated more than 65% of the total number of exploited. The final prices for these months, May and June, ended with $ 46.33 and $ 48.56 (TNA 67.42% and 62.77%). August with 62 million operations finished at $ 53.46 (TNA 63.54%).

Last but not least, BACR's gross reserves fell by $ 314 million on Monday to $ 67,797 million.

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