Thursday , January 28 2021

The dollar closed steadily chronicle

On Tuesday, the dollar closed unchanged at $ 38.75, according to the average price daily issued by the Central Bank on the day the demand was available at the end of the day.

The wholesale sector, for its part, stays for the second consecutive day, rising by ten cents to settle down to $ 37.81.

On that day, the turnover was 634 million dollars, and the advance of 13.8% compared to the previous day.

Within this framework, the 7-day liquidity interest rate is 58.97%, down 26 basis points on Monday.

In the daily auction, the Central Bank lent $ 141.172 million to Pesos, with an expected maturity of $ 163.633 million, which led to an increase in liquidity of 24.058 million dollars.

Analyst Harry Butler said that "Beyond $ 100 million injected into the economy over the past four days, BCRA has broad freedom to move within the monetary goal."

With today's interest rate cut, monetary power reduced the two-day interest rate with an upward trend.

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