Sunday , June 13 2021

The dollar closed under $ 39.

This way the retail ticket ended up against the trend this showed the co-financing in the Single and Free Stock Market (MULC). there the currency rose by eight cents to $ 37.99, even out from the non-intervention area currently set by the monetary authorities between $ 38,182 and $ 49,412.

It happened on a day in which central bank intervened with the purchase of $ 75 million in two auctions.

In the first, the average price of $ 37.7980 is the maximum of $ 37.80, while in the second, last night, the average price was $ 37.7986 and a maximum of $ 37.82.

Despite the fall in the dollar in the world, which immediately reactivates the appreciation of emerging currencies, the dollar eventually closed with a modest rise as It responds from bottom levels to larger purchases of BCRA, without being able to return to the area without intervention.

"The external winds to the carry trade" still has a strong impact, beyond the accelerated cut in rates and the new provisions that discourage it, as the body is seeking to avoid moving to another stage of slowing exchange rates " – explained analyst.

Meanwhile BCRA confirmed on Tuesday another drop in the course the liquidity letters Leliq – the reference rate – which reached. t 44,356% on average, his lowest since August 10th.

The decrease was slightly less than the one recorded in the last days: it was 79 basis points, of the previous 45,155%.

Appointed currency $ 190,000 million within 7 days, resulting in a $ 5,000 million liquidity utilization. The price the maximum size is 44.7491% and the minimum is 43.301%.

"As inflation expectations are declining and demand for pesos is recovering, the percentage has to react" downwards " – they said sources of monetary authority.

In the past, on Friday, BCRA limited the maximum Leliq that an enterprise could hold to 65% of its customers' deposits or up to 100% of the bank's (RPC) capital. Banks will be able to adapt to the new standard by the end of April 2019.

This regulation seeks to close regulatory loopholes and thus prevent access to unstable financial flows to Leliq without the corresponding prudential reserve, the monetary authority said recently.

Other Markets

In the informal square son closed to $ 38according to the study in the caves of the city of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, contad con liqui rose 20 cents to $ 38.05.

Finally, the central bank's reserves dropped $ 109 million on Monday to $ 66.783 million.

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