Sunday , January 17 2021

The dollar drops 10 cents to $ 38.65 and marks its second drop in a row

It is in sync with The Single and Free Stock Market (MULC), where the currency loses 21 cents to $ 37.59 in which the market is attentive to the Letes auction, which began yesterday at 10 and ended today at 15, and which yields an annual yield of 4.75%.

In the informal market, for its part, son Works steadily until 37,50 лв, according to the study of this environment in the caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contado con liqui" brought four cents yesterday at $ 37.61.

It is worth mentioning that the dollar came to four cents on Tuesday, the day the Treasury began to raise treasury bills in dollars at an annual nominal rate of 4.75%, ending today at 15,

The ticket was separated from the wholesale segment where the currency rose 15 cents to 37.81 dollars on a mixed wheel of the trend, with the initial losses returning somewhat in the second half of the day.

The central bank filed 7-day liquidation letters for $ 141.172 million, averaging 58.97% (closed Monday at 59.23%). The maximum yield is 59.55% and the minimum yield is 58%.

Analyst Fernando Itso pointed out that the loss of the wholesale trader was due to "a surplus of $ 22,500 million from the sale of Leliq (163,633 million)," on whose auction the monetary authority cut the average yield to 25.6 basis points,

"Cereal exports are still in conflict with clearance procedures and only liquidate close to $ 50 million when they say it will have a record volume of more than $ 3,000 million in the market between December and January" , he said. Kintana.

Operator Gustavo Quintana pointed out that "for the second day in a row, the exchange rate rises, causing it to scratch again $ 38, a level that is the highest since the last week and a half."

He added that "crazy wheel-ending needs changed the uncertain balance at the beginning of the session, and in the lower response scenario, today's correction improved."

Thus, in the first two sessions this week, the value of the dollar "recovered over the fall of last week" and returned to a similar level as at the end of last year, said Quintana.

Other money markets

On the money market between banks "cash" is operated on average by 56%. Foreign currency swaps were agreed at $ 142 million to raise and / or raise money in peso by using purchases in dollars on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In Rofex, where $ 426 million was exploited, more than 60% was agreed between December and January, with the final prices being respectively 38.82 and 40.668 dollars, respectively 48.75% and 54.10% TNA.

Finally, BCRA's international reserves declined by $ 61 million and ended at $ 49.785 million.

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