Sunday , June 20 2021

The dollar goes up 24 cents and returns to the area (BCRA bought U $ S 18 M)

This is happening in a circle in which the monetary authority has announced a bid for a purchase of 25 million US dollars, of which only 18 million dollars.

It should be noted that on the last Monday US currency for wholesale went back to work over the lower group during the round but eventually finished below.

The growth of the single and free stock market (MULC) is in line with the retail segment, where green ticket jumps and rises by 25 cents to $ 39.25 – their highest value so far this year – in the banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average value of,

Meanwhile on the unofficial square son Works steadily towards $ 38according to the study in the caves of the city of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contado con liqui" pulled yesterday three cents at $ 38.02.

Raising the dollar in the local square is in line with what is happening in the region. So much so that in Brazil the currency is up 0.5%; in Chile – 0.1%, and in Mexico – 0.6%.

Frequency of Leliq, in low

Yesterday BCRA confirmed another decrease in interest rates Leliq – reference rate – reached 44.356% on average, its lowest level since August 10th.

The decrease, registered on the eve, was slightly lower than the one recorded in recent days: it dropped by 79 basis points, compared to the previous 45,155%.

The money subject received $ 190,000 million in 7 days, resulting in a liquidity absorption of $ 5,000 million. The maximum pay rate is 44.7491% and the minimum rate is 43.301%.

In the past, on Friday, BCRA limited the maximum Leliq that an enterprise could hold to 65% of its customers' deposits or up to 100% of the bank's (RPC) capital. Banks will be able to adapt to the new standard by the end of April 2019.

And finally, Reserves of the Central Bank $ 234 million recovered on Tuesday u $ s 66,917 million,

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