Sunday , July 25 2021

The dollar is closer to the zone without interference

on dlar the public closed at an average of $ 39.95, while the wholesaler finished at $ 38.87, moved closer to the group's floor, and returned to prices last week Monday.

"We have not seen typical end-of-month demand, which has obviously accelerated payments last week when it reached a maximum of $ 40.55," said Fernando Izzo, analyst at ABC Mercado de Cambios.

The analyst added that "the export offer is still about $ 60 million a day," and said sales are more "on the side of investors." on central bank Again, I confirmed the increase in Leliq's rates, which returned to the average of 50%.

PR Corredores de Cambios states that "the fourth consecutive loss of the exchange rate in the wholesale segment is returning to adjust it to a level close to the lower limit of the zone of formal interference in the context of supremaca supply."

They added that "the nearness of the end of the month and the onset of usual compensation has failed to generate a response to dollar prices that have fallen to levels close to those shown earlier in the week."

The central bank of the Argentine Republic today handed out 9-day liquidity bills for $ 160,000 million at a maximum rate of 50.4921%, at least 48%. Today, $ 180,000 million Leliqs are due, resulting in a monetary expansion effect.

On the money market between banks, call money is stable on average 45%. The volume traded in the monetary segment amounted to 819.6 million SD, without reporting transactions in the IEA futures segment. % pact to the February and March conditions with final prices of $ 38.9650 and $ 40.2220. Deadlines showed average losses of about twenty cents.

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