Sunday , July 25 2021

The dollar is operating at $ 47.30 at the Banco Nación branches – a new historic maximum

The dollar rises 5.3% this Thursday and reaches the new historic record that will be sold 47.30 peso in the branches of Banco Nación, IN On average, Buenos Aires Microcenter is offering $ 47.10 for sale.

On the square wholesaler climb more than one pocket to 46 pesosIt should be recalled that the Central Bank has defined the "no interference" area with a floor of $ 39,755 and a ceiling of 51,448 pesos.

"The reaction of the forex market operators of banks, firms and investors when the day began was to pay" with a 29 cents increase in price, "as order all day was "buy dollars" to credit the bill, "he said Fernando Izzo, analyst at ABC Mercado de Cambios.

"The dollar is rising due to the combination of very active search and symmetric search shortage of supplies– he said Gustavo Kintana, a PR Corredores de Cambio operator. He added that "international financial instability has full effect at the national level."

The Argentine peso differs in this circle from what is happening with other emerging currencies that recover their value against the dollar. in Brazil, the American ticket declined by 0.3% to 3.97,

Former President of the Central Bank, Aldo PiananelliHe said FM Patria that "the rise of the dollar spirals, of. t the ceiling and the floor (the non-interference of the BCRA) are uselessIf the "tsunami" comes, it will be worn out. "He said the" government that left "and that" economic, fiscal, monetary and social policies show that this is pure patronage. "

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