Saturday , December 5 2020

The dollar kept moderate growth for the fourth consecutive day

The release of pesos due to the partial renewal of LEBAC this week has an impact on the upward trend that shows the value of the dollar in the city of Buenos Aires.

The US currency accrued three successive wheels with moderate earnings on the wholesale market and four on the retailer. On average, the banks of the Buenos Aires microcentre rose 18 cents (+ 0.5%) this Thursday to $ 37.43 for sale,

On the wholesale market the US currency moves by an increase of 25 cents to 36.50 pesos,

The free float of the dollar, without the intervention of the Central Bank, was on $ 35,752 floor and a ceiling of $ 46,267 for that exchange day.

Gustavo Quintana, agent of PR Corredores de Cambio, recalled that "since the beginning of the exchange rate week the wholesaler buys an increase of fifty-seven cents for the end of last Friday. "

The amount traded in the spot segment was scarce $ 271.8 millionthanks to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, while $ 617.4 million in ROFEX and USD 11 million in the open-market electronic market (MAE) were realized in futures. Contracts for December 2018 ends at 38.56 pesos,

To capture some of the pesos freed from partial refresh of the letters LEBAC this week, about $ 122 billion, the Treasury has put government treasury bills into capitalized peso (Lecap) up to 91 days and CER-Regulated Letters (Lecer) and 91 days for a total of $ 33,698 million.

The Central Bank auctioned LELIQ for 7 days for $ 145,742 million, compared with a maturity of $ 174,745 million, and the subsequent a monetary expansion of about 29,000 million by peso.

The monetary authority bears aspirated through LELIQ, an extraordinary tool for banks that replaces LEBAC, some $ 235,629 million from the beginning of October, an amount equal to 20% of the monetary base, to 1,175,655.6 million dollars by November 15th.

The average silver rate is in 61.699% per annum (slight decrease from the previous 61,954%) and the maximum amount granted – 62%.

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