Tuesday , May 18 2021

The dollar sells for 37 pesos in Posadas

The dollar sells for 37 pesos in Posadas

This is the average value of the exchange currency of the missionary capital. Yesterday, in Buenos Aires, the dollar rose 18 cents to 37.43 dollars in an atypical holiday bike in the United States.

The dollar rose 18 cents on Thursday to 37.43 dollars and gained its third consecutive rise in the banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average value made by Ambito Financiero – an unusual day for the United States holiday to celebrate the Day of Thanksgiving.

It was in line with the single and free stock market (MULC), where the currency rose 25 cents to $ 36.50, but it should be borne in mind that the bulk of the formalized transactions should be wiped out from Friday when normalizes the activity abroad.

During the day, the Banking Association announced Friday that it stopped only in public structures accusing it of "not updating the salary from the first of October, as agreed in the parity," which triggered greater demand to cover banks and investors for redundancies Peso by canceling Lebac.

The measure of force will be implemented in the nation, the province and the city banks, among others, according to the guild.

The minimum amounts were written at $ 36.40, the first negotiated deal was fourteen and a half cents over the previous one. In the scenario of calm and low volume of business, prices were climbing positions until they reached the maximum at $ 36.50. Inactivity in the main financial centers for holidays in the United States limits the possibility of normal activity, a factor that is reflected in the small volume traded (that is 272 million USD).

"With the amount of pesos that was released on Wednesday from Lebac investment – it is estimated that about $ 80,000 million, investors had to choose a currency menu with rates close to 50% TNA, including the 91-day Lecap and Lecer (who were not particularly interested in financial market operators) and others in the secondary markets of various peso bonds, "said Fernando Itso of ABC Mercado de Cambios. He added, "the rest was spent in dollars."

On the informal market, meanwhile, blue has gained 20 cents to $ 36.50, according to the study of this cave environment in downtown Buenos Aires. "Liquidation Time" rose yesterday by 22 cents to 36.23 dollars.

On the money market between banks, "call money" is operated on average by 60%. In the swap exchange, $ 38 million was agreed to take and / or deposit money in peso by using a dollar purchase for the next Monday.

In the ROFEX futures market, 617 million dollars were negotiated, of which more than 60% were agreed between November and December, with the final prices being respectively 37,0800 and 38,5600 dollars; and rates of 72.50% and 52.82% of THA. Futures ended with an average increase of more than ten cents on the rise.
Finally, the Central Bank's reserves raised the US dollar by $ 4 million and were closed at $ 51,831 million.

Source: Ámbito Financiero

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