Thursday , January 28 2021

The drastic change of WhatsApp, which you certainly did not see

The app launches a new update. WhatsApp aims to improve the user experience with the messaging platform.

WhatsApp introduces new changes to your software in the latest version.

WhatsApp it has been updated and made little change in the interface that many have neglected. With version 2.18.361, already available for Android and iOS devices, the public is expected to be more aware of when the messages are being sent and thus improve the quality of communication with others.

Instant Messaging decided to change the way the chart is presented. You will no longer use a.m. and q start using "7.20 am", "4 pm" or "9 evening".

The courier company changed the form of time representation.

Another change that was introduced was this WhatsApp will become obsolete for mobile phones with an old software system. Cellular phones that will not be able to support the application will be those that are managed by the system S40 of Nokia. By 2020, it will not work on devices that are running iOS 7 or the older Apple system, nor on those who have version 2.3.7 or an older version of Android.

If these devices want to continue using the platform, they need to upgrade their operating system.

Warning: A major fraud spreads through WhatsApp, which includes an important clothing brand

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