Sunday , June 13 2021

The end of the triumvirate with Korias and Kaas: Gaudio is the only captain in the Davis Cup

This Tuesday Argentine Tennis Association (AAT) officially announced that the team Davis Cup will be led this season by the captain Gaston Gaudio, dissolving the triumvirate that was formed in 2018 along with the Guillermo Corias and Guillermo Kaas,

Through its Twitter account, AAT, led by Guillermo Calleri, announced that Roland Garros 2004 to be accompanied by Gustavo Markaccio as a sub-captain in the national team.

"I'm very glad to continue as a captainIn 2018, he enjoys and experiences feelings he has not felt for a long time, "admits Gaudio, and then mentions the challenge offered by the controversial change in the form of the race.

"2019 will be different because, as there are not many series in the year as before, we have to wait for the evolution of each player during the seasonOf course we have a group of players to follow, but you never know what could happen. Without going any further, (Juan Ignacio) Lndero last weekend won the ATP tournament. We have to wait, first and foremost, for what's going on after the US Open tour.

The Triumvirate of Gaudio-Koriya-Kaas was accepted after the surprising march of Daniel Orsanik in 2018 and there was only one attempt against Colombia ("Gato" sitting on the chair in the box) from the World Group Playoffs this ended with a triumph in San Juan.

"We believe that the experience of last September was very positive, We spoke to Gaudio and we saw him very convinced to follow him, I want to thank Guillermo Koriya and Guillermo Kaas for helping us out unmistakably when we call them the series against Colombia. Koriya continues to work side by side with us in the field of Development and to travel the country with the youngest. Kaas is based in the United States, but of course he supports our project and has actually given us the capabilities of his academy so that Argentine youth can be trained.

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