Monday , June 14 2021

The engine stole a cell phone, arrested him and released it two days after paying 700 pesos

Last Tuesday, an 18-year-old girl was attacked by a motorcycle who stole her cell phone when she was waiting to cross the traffic light Avenue La Plata to 100, in AlmagroThe offender, who was on board the Bajaj Dominar 400, grabbed Iphone 7 and escaped at full speed.

The money from the police commissioner of the 5A neighborhood police station that was circling the neighborhood was warned by the victim and other witnesses of the robbery.

Immediately began the persecution, which ended several blocks after the offender made a bad maneuver and hit a car. When you inspect it, the police found the stolen mobile phone in his clothes.

The thief was identified as Jair Stevens Jurado Mora, on 24 years, This is from Colombian citizenship that arrived in the country three months ago and has not yet processed its residence

It is also known that he has a record: in 2011 he was convicted of "insulting robbery," in 2016 a lawsuit on intermarital violence was opened, and in 2017 he was convicted of arms trafficking in country, sources of research reported Infobae,

By order of the Prosecutor's Office of the Criminal and Criminal Prosecutor's Office No. 54, he was transferred to the police station of the 5A district police station and attributed by "attempt to steal modality".

The following day, the National Criminal Court in the Correctional Court No. 62, responsible for Patricia Susanna Guyandud, started the case against Jurado Mora for "conditional robbery" and " He provided "probation".

Yurado Mora regained his freedom on Thursday. You have to meet four conditions: to regulate their situation in the field of migration, to present themselves every month in the criminal justice control and management area, not to consume drugs or alcohol for one year, and to compensate the victim of the theft with $ 700.

This sentence is added to the others that appear in the history of Yuri Mora: in 2016 he was given an internship and in 2017, with which he received a sentence of 4 years and 6 monthswas won by home arrest.

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