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The father of the girl killed in Chaco accuses the police: "They let them kill her" – 26.01.2019

It took 34 days to find her from the day the family announced her disappearance until her lifeless body was finally found in the open field. Everything shows that Angelina Caceres (13) was killed the same night she was last seen in the Juan Bauteti neighborhood of Alberdi in Resistencia (Chaco) on Dec. 23.

That's why the teenage family expressed its dissatisfaction with Chaqueña police and justice for the time it takes to activate the adolescent's demand. After recognizing the carcass clothes as his daughter's, Daniel Caceres, the teenager's father, complained about the police action. "They did not do anything from the first moment, they let her be killed!", condemned Caceres.

Angelina was last seen on December 23 when she left the church.

Angelina was last seen on December 23 when she left the church.

"Here I am responsible for the 5th branch, the Commissioner, for all those who guarded the security at 23:00, I blame them," Caceres told Cakenjo's media cameras when he left the courtroom. resistance.

The man reported that on the day he went to report the disappearance of his daughter at the police station, they did not perceive him seriously. "Do you know what we were told?" – How old? 13 years, "Ah … sure he's gone with a friend– Bitchy sons! Hopefully they will never happen to them, "the man said.

Angelina disappeared on December 23 the night she left home for an evangelical temple. He was there for a few minutes, and then nothing was known about her.

Daniela, Angelina's sister, when she saw that the minor had not returned to his house, went to make the denunciation at the police station. His father, Daniel, does not live with the girls because he is separated from the girl's mother.

A few days after the accusations, Daniela Meirinho, prosecutor, ordered to kidnap the teenager's netbook to analyze their conversations.

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So they discovered that the girl had arranged a Facebook chat meet at age 21 in Alberdi Square, on December 23 at night.

Only 11 January, 19 days after the disappearance, Meirinho's prosecutor ordered Jorge Peralta (21) to be arrested and accused of "nourishing and aggravating sexual violence," according to Diario Norte. exchanging the minor with the Peral is that the teenager I was pregnant,

In order to find Angelina's body, the analysis of Perth's cellular antenna was key. In this way, they discovered that on December 23 it was activated near the 25th street, about 800 meters from National Arrest Boulevard, south of the capital of Chaco. On Friday, Prosecutor Francisco de Obaldas Aiceric ordered an assault in the area with unmanned airplanes, special groups of police and firefighters, which ended with the discovery of an advanced decomposition body.

This indication adds to the fact that Peralta has been proven to have left the resistance on December 23 night for the city of Laguna Limpia, located at 147 kilometers, to praise the hypothesis that Angelina was killed on the day of his disappearance,

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