Thursday , June 17 2021

The first 8K TVs already have prices

Most major TV manufacturers, such as LG and Sony,
They were eager to showcase their huge 8K TVs in January, but to
At that time no one had said what those 33 million pixels would cost.
Now Samsung has revealed that its 8K Q900 series TVs are
available now, so be prepared to spend $ 15,000 if you want
take one of the 85-inch 8K TV.

The 85-inch Q900 has begun to spread
yesterday (in the United States), and in addition to more pixels
of what you may need now, you'll have most of it
other features we can expect from the best Samsung TVs.
Among them is the surround mode (in which the TV is dimmed when
not supported), support for AMD Freesync via HDMI, support for
Apple AirPlay 2 and also will soon support Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa.

But, of course, the main reason to buy the Q900 series is the number
The astronomical pixel has. It has a resolution of 7,680 with 4,320
pixels, twice more than 4K TV. Unfortunately, there is almost no content
available in 8K so you will have to deal with 4K content or less
up to 8K.

They comment Gizmodo that during CES, Samsung showed a demo with 4K content and lower
resolution, the 8K panel is outstanding, but the fire test will be
try to see other things like old 480p TV shows, or
Netflix when someone consumes our entire bandwidth.

Although Samsung sells it in other cheaper sizes. Version 82. t
inches began to be sent from March 15 for $ 10,000 dollars
The 75-inch version of March 1 for $ 7,000 and the version
from 65 inches from March 1 to $ 5,000. It seems really
dear, but to be honest, the 65-inch version is close to that
They cost the most expensive 65-inch 4K TVs. It remains to be seen whether 8K
will be worth the next year will have enough content in this resolution in
Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

In Argentina, the official Samsung website still sells only QLED 4K by 75 inches $ 259,999 pesos, but surely 8K will soon arrive.

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