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The first salary of the boy who wrote his autobiography by hand and found work: put light, carafe and cable in his house – 08.12.2018

"The Argentine gets a job after his personal autobiography has been viral." "The young man is moving around the world by presenting a curriculum vitae because he has no money to print it." "He did not have to print, he wrote his autobiography by hand and now offers job offers."

So they titled newspapers The country, from Spain, from Lima Perú21 and that of India Amar Uyla, among many others in the world, the story of Cordoba Carlos Duarte. The boy, at the age of 21, did not do anything heroic. But two months ago, social networks turned it into a "hero".

The autobiography Carlos writes by hand.

The autobiography Carlos writes by hand.

No marketing on miracle nor silver for a second-selection layer, conquered the two, who were the same as he and others: those who had $ 12 worth of impressions in Argentina. That is right He tried to escape his fate (made only changas) and he succeeded,

Thanks to the viral history of his handwriting summary and the free will of the pen, He entered the world of work. Official work, empty, Something that no other Duarte – at least from his family – has achieved.

The first day of work of Carlos Duarte at the Piazza glass factory in Cordoba.

The first day of work of Carlos Duarte at the Piazza glass factory in Cordoba.

On September 27th hunting horn He traveled to Vidrios Piazze, the largest in Cordoba, to accompany him on his first business day. As he learned "what a cup," he promised that when he collected his first salary he would buy a gift for his "viral savior."

Talk about Evgenia Lopez. The girl who works at a patisserie in the center of Cordoba and accepts the "unrepresented leaf". Moved from the "craftsman" curriculum, Facebook puts it. The virus was unstoppable. But in this story, in this promise, there is no happy ending at all. For our hero, this is pure cryptonite.

"Eugene is a fan of Abel Pintas, her boyfriend is already waiting for my gift and bought her ticket to go to the Cordoba reportage. Hug from Abel!, which she really wants. And what you deserve for what you did for me. But I still can not: I called the fan club, everyone. And there was no case, "says Carlos hunting horn,

But he says he does not want to give up. Nor does he give up when he can not go out looking for a job because he does not have enough money to carry the bus card.

Concentrated in your work. Carlos is involved in the production of the glasses of the new control tower at Ezeiza Airport.

Concentrated in your work. Carlos is involved in the production of the glasses of the new control tower at Ezeiza Airport.

"It is very difficult to give a present to a woman, so my plan is to embrace her from her idol "Abel, let's see if you can help me!he says, and laughs.

"Everything I want is a hug from Carlos because he's tired of work now and he forgets me – the girl complains.

Carlos has already gathered his first $ 16,000 a month – more than $ 2,500 from the presidency – for eight hours a day with rotation schedules. And yes, it works a lot. Something they recognize at the plant.

"It has grown a lot. He has already set up a working group. He is very conscious, very accurate, no mistakes. For example, this week he told me he had gone to play football that his hand hurt because of a fall, but that was it and he came because he wanted to work, "says Christian Trevieri, the manager of the plant.

"Not everyone at the factory comes to talk to me, some do not laugh because I'm the boss … But he comes and shakes my hand, he tells me things He's very affectionate He's a boy who wants to go on, describes Trivieri.

"I have 140 people to answer and I can not see exactly what he is doing," he goes on, "but I see his good work because it's a production line, he went through several sectors and he does it perfectly with everyone. "

As soon as he entered, Carlos was armed with DVH (double hermetic glaze). He is now in production. And he has already worked on something that anyone can recognize in the future: the glaze of the new control tower at Ezeiza Airport. "We have already provided the first part, now the second and third, the structural part that is related to the building," he explains.

He goes to 5.30 and goes to 6.20. "Fortunately, I have a partner who lives close to home and takes me by car, it takes 20 minutes, and if not, I had to continue to take the two groups:" Time and half a trip. "She works from Monday to Friday at 2.30 pm and on Saturday until 10.30 am.

"Actually, I do not have much time. So I did not go back to see La Mona"I did not go to visit Evgenia," he admits, paying his first salary for the installation of the light apparatus at his mother's house (the service was cut off), he provided a distiller and re-plugged the cable "to see Belgrano."

With work clothes as I had noticed hunting horn When you visited him on his first business day, he was still very careful. They give them brucho, trousers, t-shirt, diver, helmet, gloves of different type according to each cup and protective sleeves. "I did not bring the diver today because I could not get the glue yet, and I did not want to get it dirty," he says.

Several days ago, a new conversation came over to his old cell phone ("so old he was caught, sticking a stick"). On the other hand, the company's owner was talking to him. "I told him I was not sorry to have hired him, he showed that his will was real and not vicious," he summed up. hunting horn Hugo Piazza.

Within a few days, the three-month work in which he is under test will be completed. Earlier, thanks to its history, Mayor Ramón Mestre created a "resume lab" where young people are encouraged and accompanied by a curriculum vitae, with professional and technical support, in addition to their impression.

For this reason, Cordovian's hero may not be the only one who was lucky with his viral history. Carlos now relies on having made the gift he had dreamed of for Eugenia. The embrace of his idol.

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