Friday , May 7 2021

The forthcoming documentary on the life and work of Gustavo Serti is released

National Geographic will broadcast this Sunday at 22:00 o'clock two hours special for life and work Gustavo KeratiProduced by Underground, with the creative direction of Sebastián Ortega, the program is part of the docu-reality series "BIOS. Live what is yours"A few weeks ago the signal passed, dedicated to Charlie Garcia.

This time is a matter of greeting to soda leader stereo, in a lifetime journey through records they have never seen before, archive images and testimonies of people sharing different moments with the artist.

(The program snippet to be seen this Sunday)

The channel reported that a documentary seeks to restore the various turning points in Serti's life, through interviews with his relatives, including his mother Lillian Clark, his sister Laura and their children Benito and Lisa.

There will also be testimonies of famous witnesses, specialists and accomplices who have accompanied him during his lifetime: Zeta Bossio, Shari, Almantis, Daniel Horse, Shakira, Anita Alvarez de Toledo, Adrian Taverna, Caito Lorenzo, Leandro Fresco and Leo Garcia .

(One of the videos showing the privacy of Gustavo Cerati)

The Chilean singer Javier Mena, from driving, will be responsible for rediscovering the artistic scene and privacy before, during and after Soda Stereo.

National Geographic promises that the special will will synthesize unforgettable and unique moments while discovering "unpublished archives"from the singer's past, thanks to the support of his family, the production will offer an intimate approach to learn more about the composer.

(Liza Kerati's Birthday)

"For us, his family, it is a pride that National Geographic honors Gustavo's music and that Sebastian Ortega is responsible for this production gives me the confidence to know that treatment will be at the top of his work," he said Laura Certi, the sister of Gustavo, through a press release broadcast on the channel.

(Another snippet to see in the special version)

On the other hand, Fernando Semenzato, Chief Vice President of Production of National Geographic Partners Latin America, said: "His musical legacy and validity for generations has been impressive, Gustavo Cerati brilliantly transcends barriers and boundaries of all sorts with compositions that do not know borders."

(Lillian Clark talks about "Tea for three")

While, Sebastian Ortega He emphasized that "Cerati is one of the greatest poets of our contemporary music, a highly sensitive and unique inspirational artist who gave us some of the most original songs of Ibero-American music of all time, several generations, true pride to honors him. "

(Benito Speray sings in the official presentation of the documentary film for journalists, relatives and friends)

In the presentation event, Benito appeared on stage singing with the musicians of the solo phase of the idol.

National Geographic will experience the life of the icon that brought Latin American music to the summit this Sunday, November 25 at 22:00 (Argentina / Chile), 9:00 (Colombia / Mexico) and 20:00 (Peru).

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