Saturday , June 19 2021

The fun interview with Lisie Taliani in the casting queue for Big Brother 2007

In 2006, Lisi Taliani enrolled to participate Big Brotherthe reality in which a group of people live in a house, completely isolated and with cameras that watch them 24 hours a day. Now networks have become viral video of an interview he gave while making the queue for the casting and his reaction was merry.

The Nother asked him why he wanted to be part of the famous program and the answer was rude: "Because I like TV, I love to act. I'm a transvestite, I add thatI think this is the only chance I can prove anything.

The reporter went on with the interrogation to find out what a surprise he believed was the fourth season of reality. And Lizzie, with a lot of misfortune, left everyone open with his answer: "The surprise that you have … I have a surprise".

Finally, Taliani failed to be among the participants. If he was one of the summoned, maybe I could fight against Mariela Mirra for the jackpot. Or discuss with Greizelda Sanchez the extensions.

A few days ago, the stylist made news after publishing a photo from a clinic. He went into aesthetic surgery and is now preparing to drive "The Right Price".

Lizzie publishes photos from her visit to the clinic.
Lizzie publishes photos from her visit to the clinic.

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