Wednesday , November 25 2020

The fury of Sol Perez against Lourdes Sanchez

A media war broke out again between them Sol Perez and Lourdes Sánchez, They had a strong confrontation in the final gala Dance 2018 and they continued the fight in social networks.

The Panellist The specialists of the show He received criticism from the jury for his performance. He then made a special request for the production: "Kills all of us who are not dancers. That the dancers do it first, that they are the ones who have the most chanters. "

Lourdes reminded him of an episode that happened in the rhythm of precision: "I had to dance on Monday and Sol on Thursday, Because Sol did not know that the chore wants to dance on Monday and sent me on Thursday"The participant replied:" I had already left when someone gave up, he did not do rehearsals. "

The discussion continued for several flat Prada covered her ears. Seeing this reaction, Perez said ironically, "Can not you hear the whistle you have?" The BAR Jury responded: "I love my voice, it catches many children."

Owner of a strong personality, Sol continues to criticize his colleague Showmatch on Twitter: "My voice catches many children, says that mine is here, mail, how do you have a program for children? With the atrocities they say."

Lourdes saw the publication of his spell and replied: – Soltame Solcito. One follower replied, "I saw when you worried him that the dogs did not die on Sol Perez and you erase it."

Enraged, A climatic girl fired his colleague: "I only died for sickness for three months, and you annoyed? @lourdesanchezok. My God, what a bad person is mine, he showed it with the horn bag, with Laurita, and now?

"She was Tokyo, the little dog that died for malformation, how can you have some fun like this piece of trash?" Lourdesancheok and the next one you have set up to work on a wallet, tell me in person. , he added.

How will this struggle continue?

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