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The Government of Buenosirea initiates joint negotiations with the education guilds

13 February 2019

The meeting will be at the Ministry of Economics, located in La Plata, at 17:30. Unions will want to compensate for what is lost in 2018 due to inflation and the beginning of the classes is in danger.


The Government of Maria Evgenia Vidal appealed to teachers' unions at the first joint meeting 2019 for the implementation of the beginning of the school year, scheduled for March 6th.

The meeting, which will take place at 5:30 pm At the headquarters of the La Plata Department of Economics, the teachers' compensates for the loss of purchasing power due to inflation in 2018., and the desire to include the trigger clause in the discussion.

The meeting this afternoon will be the first of the year after 2018 will end without reaching an agreement among the trade unions grouped in the front of the faculty in Buenos Aires (FUDB), Suteba, Feb, Udotsba, Amet and Sadop, and the provincial government.

It should be noted that, despite the lack of agreement, province provided through resolutions just over 32% of the annual increase with the contribution of several points from the non-refundable amounts and the inclusion of the representative.

The Buenos Aires government appealed to the educational unions at the first joint meeting in 2019

While guilds are FUDB they did not give what percentage that first meeting would lead toAccording to sources from the trade unions in the negotiations, they expect the inclusion of the trigger clause, as well as the compensation for the inflation rate lost last year, according to the head of the Federation of Educators from Buenos Aires (FEB), Mirta Petrokini.

"Wednesday's parity should include a discussion of wage loss in 2018, in addition to the wage schedule for 2019. " Petroquini said at that time that he remembered that at the moment "The pedagogical salary was approximately 15% below inflation."

On the other hand, the owner of the Association of State Workers (ATE) Buenos Aires, Oscar de Isasi, said that "if there is no agreement in the teaching staff " the intention of this guild is Strike on 6 March in relation to the whole country.

"We will require an increase in teacher salaries, and we will also use this joint struggle to request the opening of an equal number of 10,430 workers," said last Tuesday during a protest in front of the Directorate-General for Culture and Education.

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