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The Greatest Joy of Our Life – 12/10/2018

The embrace of all river fans across the country, in Monumental, which was supposed to be in Bernabeu or the end of the world, is the most real, purest love that can exist. This is the greatest victory of our lives. This is forever. And this is ours We did it, Ray. We did it against everything. Against all. We did it because the Muneko River engraves to light the seal of the great, powerful border groups able to resist and have more life when the body and mind of every normal person say enough. The enormous heart of this huge Muneko River, the character, the person who knows how to handle the difficult moments, the pledge of the game even in the most unfavorable circumstances gives him the mystique that will remain forever. No one will ever forget this great victory coming back, with arbitrage against the girls and the big ones, raising his forehead when the rival showed his courage with this goal from Benedetto, which seemed to return the final. Overcoming this with what it was worth to play is of great importance. Transparency in change, well-educated income, and then the technical hierarchy, the class to transform the cradle of the river, a phenomenal game that Nacho Fernandez and Palacio have united that Prato sends to the net. It was the resurrection, the re-belief, the re-thinking that it is possible that our team, even in sacrifices and worn-out legs, had an intact heart and continued to burn that inner flame that makes the difference in peak times. From there, the game, the circulation, the dynamics you want it to and open the bolt that the rival has picked up as a gaming strategy. The lock was open and Ray began to play freer and safer, and it was a matter of getting the last pass, or Hanfeller filtered a pass or made this magical, unforgettable goal that kissed the beam and clung to a goal that exploded the millions of hearts for centuries of the century. After the time of suffering, fear in the area to further evaluate the success and this phenomenal goal, the child's dream, to Pitty Martinez, how crazy he was, gave us eternal glory, the greatest joy of our sporting life, -a major game in history, the most important cup of all time. We leave the road to the great teams of all the races: Racing, Independiente, dropping champion Gremio and now the classic rival, under unfavorable circumstances, with a game played in court with the audience, and a revenge in Madrid with fans from both teams. Maximum joy. Forever. I do not know tomorrow what kind of fate he will bring. I also do not want to know. Let's celebrate in peace, River.

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